Thursday, June 22, 2017

Release Day! The Best Man #GayFiction #BDSM

The Best Man

Genre: Alternative (M/M, Gay, BDSM, Contemporary)
Length: 20,832 words

When Dominant Michael St. Clair meets Chad Emery in a BDSM club, he knows immediately that Chad is the submissive he’s been looking for. This is a man who will trust completely and surrender totally. Both men are blindsided by the pull of sexual chemistry, but Chad declines a repeat performance. Still, fate has other plans.

Chad is shocked to discover that Michael and his boss have business connections, and Chad is asked to help Michael open a new BDSM dungeon. At first things are awkward between them, but underneath the tension is a simmering attraction. Michael helps Chad explore his needs and after a few play sessions, a real relationship develops. Chad realizes that Michael is the best man for him. But just as he’s ready to reveal his love, Chad is caught in a lie and he fears he’s lost Michael forever.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Lilac Hour

The Lilac Hour

Ute Carbone

Releases June 1, 2017

The Lilac Hour is a sweet romantic collection of three connected short stories about love and marriage.

Three Stories. 
Three generations of women.
Three loves meant to last forever.

The Lilac Hour: Sara has been widowed longer than she was married. Now in her eighties, she discovers that anything is possible in the lilac hour.

Love Letters: Maggie rediscovers the letters that her husband Jake wrote long ago. Now she wants to rekindle the passion that was once theirs.

The Road Not Taken: JoAnne meets an old love at Target. The unexpected run-in makes her think about what might have been had she not married her husband.

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