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Seducing the Baker, contemporary romance by Janet Lane Walters

What happens when business and a wedding collide?

Title:  Seducing the Baker
(Book 6, At First Sight series)
Author:  Janet Lane Walters

Date of Release:  June 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Books We Love
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She was the only girl to turn him down. What will happen when business and a wedding bring them together again.

Jules Grayson was a player as a teen and that hasn’t changed. Business and a friend’s wedding join to bring him to the place where his life had imploded and where his trust issues began. A Ponzi scheme and a suicide forced him into a group home he hated. For ten years he has avoided returning.

Grace Sutton is faced with a dilemma added to by the appearance of Jules in her Sweet and Spicy Cupcake bakery. Years ago she turned Jules down but she had a crush. His appearance erodes the vow she made years ago. Men had used her mother and led the woman into drugs and alcohol. Grace vowed to forego relationships with men until she could support herself. Though the bakery is making money, she doesn’t feel secure. When Jules arrives with a contract for a magazine feature, she is conflicted and attracted. 

Author Bio:

Janet Lane Walters is experiencing her 48th year of being a published author. She doesn't mention the ten years she returned to work as a nurse to help children through college. She began with short stories and poetry then advanced to novels when an editor remarked her short story sounded like the synopsis for a novel. She was published by NY publishers but in 1998 discovered electronic publishing and has continued there.

She calls herself an "eclectic writer" since she writes a number of genres or sub-genres. Cozy mysteries, suspense, contemporary romance, historical, fantasy for YA and adults, paranormal romances featuring alternate worlds or reincarnation. She also has several non-fiction books to her credit. She is an award winning author and shares an EPIC award with Jane Toombs for a non-fiction book on writing.

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