Sunday, September 6, 2015

New releases from JMS Books for September 6, 2015

New E-Book Releases for September 6, 2015

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All the Right Strings by Nanisi Barrett D'Arnuk

Lesbian Erotic Romance

60,714 words | $6.99


Christine Anthony is a cellist who wants nothing more than to play with a major symphony orchestra. Until then, she works in a clothing boutique and spends her weekends playing with a string quartet at a museum.

When a stylish, rich woman named Car Weldon asks Chris to deliver a purchase to her, Chris finds the world she knows thrown into a spin. Suddenly she’s doing things that would have scandalized her a few weeks previous. When Car takes her to St. Lucia on vacation, she meets new friends and a booking agent who offers her a job that changes her life.

And when she draws the attention of a well-known gossip columnist and a handsome TV actor, Chris suddenly has a fame she isn’t ready for. With the right choices, her cello could take her more places than she ever imagined ... but what must she leave behind?

Hat Trick 3: Penalty Shot by Jeff Adams

Gay Romance

80,281 words | $6.99


Life has a sneaky way of checking you into the boards.

The relationship that began when Simon Roberts and Alex Miller were in high school is about to cross another milestone as they start their final year at the University of Michigan. It’s been four amazing years of love, friends, and hockey.

Now it’s time to help pay it forward.

When a talented sixteen-year-old goalie is denied placement on a youth league roster, he asks Simon and Alex to coach a team of LGBT youth and allies. With the determination, hard work, and help of an amazing group of friends, they rally the team towards a winning season.

In the final installment of the best-selling Hat Trick trilogy, Simon and Alex find everything they’ve worked so hard for is in jeopardy. When they’re thrown a devastating curve ball, the far-reaching implications put their entire future together on the line.

Let Go of Loneliness by Edward Kendrick

Gay Romance

15,206 words | $3.99


When Byron Randall -- in his mid-fifties, single and alone -- moves into a new condo complex, he meets another resident, fifty-five year old realtor Jonah Hyland -- also single since his breakup with his much younger lover. The two middle-aged men become friends, sharing common interests in gardening and hiking.

As their friendship deepens, each man wonders if he has found someone he could learn to care for. Then Jonah's ex reappears in his life, much to Byron's dismay. Will this end Byron and Jonah's budding romance? Or will they discover that, together, they can let go of loneliness?

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