Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Stepping Stone Not Doormat by Karenna Colcroft

Fifteen years ago in Los Angeles, a man named Charlie lost everything in his life to drug and burglary charges. Everything including his lover Navon, who was unable to accept Charlie’s actions.

Nine years ago, after building a drag career that included TV appearances and international travel, Charlie left his entire life behind to escape his abusive boyfriend Mason, and started anew in Boston as club queen Solara Flare. Going by stage name and female pronouns, Solara has taken every step possible to prevent Mason–or anyone else from her former life–from finding her.

Now, Navon has tracked Solara down in the wake of Mason’s death to return something Mason had kept, and to apologize for abandoning her after her arrest. Fifteen years hasn’t dulled their sexual attraction to each other, but the memories brought up by Navon’s appearance are almost more than Solara can stand. And no matter how much she wants to give Navon the second chance he asks for, Solara doesn’t know whether she can move beyond the past.

Available from Loose Id.

Author Bio:
Karenna Colcroft is the alter ego of a shy, sedate wife and mother who began writing erotic romance in 2006 on a challenge from a friend. Karenna believes that love is love, regardless of gender or number, and that anyone deserves to and can find healthy, strong relationships. She lives in the northeastern United States with her two children, her real-life romance hero husband, and three cats. You can find more about Karenna, her books, and her social media locations on her website.

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