Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Releases from Torquere Press

This week, we have selected titles by Sean Michael, Chris Owen, Julia Talbot, A.J. Llewellyn and even an Anthology on sale for 20% off. Check 'em out: Specials :

The Haven, Palm Springs Diaries Book 2
by A.J. Llewellyn
83 pages / 23100 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-866-0
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Elias and his lover, Josh, are celebrating a year of togetherness. Josh urges Elias to organize a romantic vacation in the place where they fell in love - Palm Springs. Given carte blanche to run amok with Josh's credit card, Elias cruises the Internet and finds a home, a whole home, as the strange ad says, by the lake and mountains. Elias has never seen anything so gorgeous. He hastily books a long weekend vacation, notifying gay porn star Samuel Colt. They owe him a sexual rematch as promised when the three met at the Oasis.
And then…total disaster. It isn't a "whole house" that awaits them. The lake and mountains are there, as beautiful and crisp as the photos indicated. But somehow, Elias missed that the home is a clapped-out, wreck of a trailer. On a holiday weekend with every hotel in town booked solid, how can the couple celebrate? And, uh-oh -- how can they hope to impress Mr. Colt with it?
Previously published by Silver Publishing.

by J.L. Douglas
138 pages / 65900 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-860-8
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Moira Connell just wants to drink tea, draw pictures, and hang out with Andrea, her girlfriend. But that's before her mother accuses her of wanting to spend her time making out with girls, rather than planning which universities to court in senior year.
A job as an art counselor at Lunaside, the summer camp down the road from Moira's house, is supposed to help Moira prove she isn't procrastinating, and that she isn't 'girl crazy' either. Then the eccentric owner of Lunaside ropes her into starring in the camp's new web series before she can say 'on-screen panic attack.' But it's exactly the kind of huge responsibility Moira's mother thinks Moira is allergic to, so she jumps in anyway.
Of course, the fact that Andrea is directing the web series, combined with Moira's sudden, mutual attraction to new counselor Millie, might not help her case. And the way her best friend keeps trying to set her up with Millie certainly isn't helping, well, anything.
And amidst all of this, she's still got an art camp to run. On her own. But how hard could that be?
One summer can change everything. Moira's hoping hers doesn't end in a worst-case-scenario disaster.

Coming Next Week:

January 14, 2015
Winter's Gift
by Sean Michael
Can a fairy and a human make a home together? Mauve and Geoff are going to find out.

Genre: Fantasy
Available Pre-Order:
Herc's Mercs: Bloody but Unbowed
by Ari McKay
Wild and reckless Daryl Greer never expected to be attracted to a rich, successful scientist like Emerson Winfield. Can their intense chemistry overcome Daryl’s insecurities, or will he lose his only chance at love?
Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure
Available Pre-Order:

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