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New from Torquere Press 1/28/15

This week, we have selected titles by Mav Anthony & Lynn Townsend on sale for 20% off. Check 'em out: Specials : Torquere Press, LLC, LGBT Romance at its finest!
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by Lynn Townsend
167 pages / 46400 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-867-7
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Rising sophomore Beau Watkins gave up everything to be with his boyfriend, Vin. Beau is disowned by his father, tormented by his brother, is rapidly running out of money, and suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. On top of that, his boyfriend seems to see Beau as little more than a live-in maid. Troubled by word of his missing father and fighting nightmares of his own, Vin Reyes turns to alcohol to drown his pain. What's worse, a handsome transfer student is a little too interested in Beau. Vin throws away everything that's made him happy with both hands, terrified of his own feelings of inadequacy.
When Vin and Beau's happily-ever-after turns into a train wreck of drinking problems, resentment, insecurity, jealousy, and violence, they both try to pick up the shattered pieces of their lives. Their mutual friends, Hector and Ann-Marie, try to help the two young men as best they can, but neither want to listen. Beau accepts a morally questionable job offer to pad his finances and Vin starts a downward spiral of self-destructive behavior that sends him right for rock bottom. Can Vin and Beau win through doubt and guilt, jealousy and recklessness, to find their place in the world?

Sugar Rush
by Dani Myrick
54 pages / 15700 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-863-9
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Jamie “Redhood” Lassiter leads a quiet life working for Granny’s Goodtime Goodies in Grimmtown. However, after some illegal tinkering with Granny’s recipes, he runs into trouble with a local gang, the Wolves. Their leader, Ren, demands Jamie’s altered recipes and isn’t above kidnapping Jamie into a virtual world to get what he wants. His only hope of rescue lies with Ferro, a member of the cyber-hacker gang, the Hunters.
When the true value of Jamie's altered recipe is revealed, Jamie will have to choose between friendship and his own sense of justice. And that choice will alters not only his own future, but that of the entire world.

Sugar Rush
by Mav Anthony
49 pages / 14300 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-871-4
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Submission and kink are explored in these four fantasy tales featuring two couples.
In Willing Fire and Gilded Cage, Simeon gives into his Lord Mikjial’s desires – and his own – falling in love as he serves his master.
While in Floating and Soaring, Aaron learns all sorts of wicked things as he bows to Aime’s desires.
All stories originally published as individual stories.

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Ghost's Dilemma
by Morwen Navarre
"Moon shine on me, Ghost. When you look at me like this, how can I even think of anything but making love to you?"
Ghost is content to spend all his free time in bed with Gerry. But scandal and hate surrounding Ghost's appointment as the first male witch and a deadly epidemic force Ghost to make choices that might cost him Gerry's love.
Spurred on by a message from his mentor, Ghost embarks alone on a journey through mystical underground tunnels and lost civilizations to the frozen lands of his origin, seeking a way to neutralize the threat back home. While he struggles to find a balance between his duties as a witch and his calling as a seer, all Ghost really wants is to return to the haven he has found in Gerry's arms.
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Beginning to Believe
by Sean Michael
Tyler’s a fun-loving, surfing mechanic who loves his life and lives every day to the fullest. When he meets potential client Kit, he’s immediately attracted and ready to get to know the man better.
Kit’s a music producer who used to do the singing himself. He was quite the star, actually, until an accident in his tour bus took whipped out nearly his entire band. Kit didn’t come out it unscathed, though. Along with emotional scars, he lost both legs and hasn’t sung a note since.
Tyler’s more concerned with how Kit makes him feel than whether or not the man has artificial limbs, and he pursues Kit eagerly. Can Tyler help Kit to believe in love again?
Originally published in the Bus Stories anthology.
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Letters from Cupid
by Ari McKay
Breaking up with his boyfriend has left English Professor Derek Chandler feeling lonely and down. He begins to think that he just doesn't have the passion to sustain a long-term relationship -- at least until a letter from a mysterious "Cupid" tells him not to lose hope. Intrigued, Derek replies to his anonymous admirer, and they begin a correspondence where Derek discovers he isn't the only one with doubts about his desirability.
Dr. Macon Pinney has admired his colleague from afar for quite a while, but he only intended his initial note to Derek to offer encouragement. Macon doesn't believe that outgoing, sociable Derek could ever be interested in the type of quiet, withdrawn man he knows himself to be. And yet when Derek writes back, admitting his worries about never finding a true partner, Macon can't help but reply, sharing his own feelings from the safety of anonymity.
But will Macon find the courage to step out of the shadows and admit to Derek his identity, or will both men spend the most romantic day of the year alone?
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