Tuesday, November 11, 2014

She was unique in every way - AEquana’s Quest

She was unique in every way, including the way she loved him.

AEquana’s Quest by Linda Mooney
Date of Release: November 1, 2014
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Music And Press


It will take a very long time before AEquana heals from the abuse and torture she endured growing up in those government labs. But Talon's love is helping her forget and go forward with life.

Unfortunately, they stumble onto a multi-million dollar gem heist, and are targeted by those who think they're easy prey. Their enemies have no idea who they're up against when they try to take on the ex-Navy SEAL and his mermaid.

Warning! Contains a mountain-side pool, phone bashing, lubricating oil, vicious attacks, the absence of cuffs and chains, and a plea and a promise that will test the strength and depth of two people's love.

Author Bio:

Linda loves to write sensuously erotic romance with a fantasy, paranormal, or science fiction flair. Her technique is often described as being as visual as a motion picture or graphic novel. A wife, mother, and retired Kindergarten and music teacher, she lives in a small south Texas town near the Gulf coast where she delves into other worlds filled with daring exploits, adventure, and intense love.

She has numerous best sellers, including 10 consecutive #1s. Her book LORD OF THUNDER won the 2011 "Eppie" Awardfor Best Erotic Sci-Fi Romance.

Find Linda on the web at: http://www.LindaMooney.com

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