Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Releases from Torquere Press 11/5/14

This week, we have selected titles by Emma Jane, Mike Shade, Chris Owen and Tory Temple on sale for 20% off. Check 'em out: Specials : Torquere Press Inc. , LGBT Romance at its finest!

Never Too Early: The Beginning
by Chris Owen & Tory Temple
180 pages / 52300 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-829-5
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Firefighters Chancellor Shanahan and Tucker McBride have been together for years. They've been through the rough patches and come out the other side, although shift work, misunderstandings, and stubborn personalities can make things interesting. Chance knows that he and Tucker love each other, however, and neither of them have any interest in other people. So what happens when they meet another couple with a similar relationship? An unlikely friendship could take a possible turn.
Jake and Tor are a pair of cowboys who have weathered the storms of a decade together and have finally settled into their lives. They have a ranch, they have family, and they have each other. A rare vacation leads to a friendship, which leads to questions and a revival of long finished conversations. Is moving forward also a step back in time to issues they’ve already put to rest?


by Emma Jane & Liz Powell
251 pages / 72600 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-828-8
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Archetypal English toff William "Liam" Barnes is in big trouble. He's borrowed money from Irish gangster Davey McGrath with one simple condition. Get a special prism from Matthew Luttrell - seducing Matthew if he has to - and bring it back. But the prism isn't with Matthew, and Liam makes a decision he can't undo, meaning he's twenty thousand pounds in debt to a vicious gangster and has no idea where to find the prism.
That is, until he meets stoic Irishman Jim Henvey, the real owner of the prism, who has a cruel demi-goddess of a mother on the warpath for him. Liam and Jim quickly find themselves tied up in each other's messes, and with more than just the mortal world out to get them, they must find their way out of a battle between dimensions and still have time to figure out their feelings for each other. Or will they just sink deeper into trouble?


by Mike Shade
54 pages / 23600 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-827-1
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This anthology brings together three short stories by Mike Shade in three different genres. Contemporary story Hondo and the City is a city mouse/country mouse type story. Want, Love, Need is a fantasy tale set in a Celtic world, while Keifer and Me gets up close and personal with a vampire.

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