Friday, August 15, 2014

New Releases from Breathless Press-August 15th, 2014

Discover endless reading possibilities with a Breathless Press Book...

Reclaiming the Rabbit Hole by Torrie James
Flirts/ Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-77101-363-5
Words: 4650
Heat rating: 3
Price: $0.99
Available at Publisher

One lost world. A dreamer full of secret sins. A man running out of options. Tick tock goes the tinker's clock when delusions mirror illusions.
Madly erotic and impossible dreams have turned Edee Carroll's waking hours into an embarrassingly nightmarish reality. Carnal passion and a curious nature lead her through the doorway of a doctor specializing in her problem. There are some doors that should never be opened and when the road is paved with crooked desire and dangerous secrets, it doesn't matter which direction the truth leads. Time is running out and there's a thin line between satisfaction and suffering.

Follow the White Rabbit by Shelli Rosewarne
ISBN: 978-1-77101-370-3
Words: 5612
Heat rating: 0
Price: $0.99
Available at Publisher

In Wonderland the strange and magical is everyday, but when a woman who can't remember her own name meets a shape-shifting cat, anything can happen.
Mary Ann doesn't remember her life before she wandered into the Woods of Forgetfulness. She doesn't remember who she was, where she came from, or even her real name—and she's given up on anyone coming to look for her. Now, she works for the White Rabbit, and if she's not deliriously happy at least her life is content.
Until, that is, she comes across a Cheshire Cat, a rare shape-shifter, who may be about to turn her life upside down.
In Wonderland, things are rarely what they seem.

Tea for Three by Gayl Taylor
Flirts/Ménage bdsm contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-77101-356-7
Words: 5701
Heat rating: 4
Price: $0.99
Available at Publisher

Punctuality is not a high priority for Bunny, especially when the penance for her tardiness is so sweet.
Teatime for Bunny and Hatter is their playtime. Hatter stresses his desire for her to be on time but she can't seem arrive when expected. As a result, he devises delightful punishments full of exquisite torture and mutually satisfying.
One afternoon, Bunny plans a naughty little treat for Hatter. She is late as usual and fully expects him to punish her wilful disregard. Imagine her surprise when she returns home for tea only to find Hatter with a wicked gleam in his eyes and a stranger curled up in her favorite chair with a most unusual grin.

Behind the Masks by Kelleia Ashley
Flirting with Friends Book One
Flirt/Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77101-305-5
Words: 9967
Heat Rating: 3
Price: $0.99
Available at Publisher

When the man who owns the world meets the woman behind the mask, he faces the challenge of claiming her.
Gregory Tamblin is a powerful man. He is used to women coming his way with just a crook of his finger. When he meets a sexy masked red-head, he finds himself at a loss when she neither drops at his feet, nor forces her number on him. She is a masked thief and he worries that she has stolen his heart with only a heated kiss.
Jane Perault is a sensible woman who works hard and comes home to her fat cat, Chester. She tried love and found men to be selfish and a pain in the backside. She never imagined that she would be claimed by a tall dark stranger when she agreed to go to the masquerade ball with her friend. Nor did she expect him to track her down and begin wooing her like a madman afterwards. He's rich, and successful, and completely out of her league, but she is oh, so tempted by the man she finds behind the mask.

One Day Soon by Edie Hart
One Day Series Book Two
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77101-300-0
Words: 14363
Heat rating: 3
Price: $1.99
Available at Publisher

After Lexi witnesses a murder, she becomes a target for a cold-blooded killer. Will Burg, the detective assigned to her case, be able to keep her safe?
While checking out a house for a showing, realtor Alexandria Edwards stumbles upon a savage slaying. Now witness to a murder, she soon becomes the target of a cold-blooded killer.
Jonathan Burgess, Lexi's brother's best friend, is the detective assigned to protect the sexy blonde. Burg has always thought of Lexi as a little sister, but seeing her all grown up has turned his innocent thoughts into forbidden fantasies. Will Burg be able to keep Lexi safe while also keeping his growing feelings for her in check?



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