Friday, August 29, 2014

New Breathless Press Releases- August 29th

The Grey Curse by Krista Kelley
ISBN: 978-1-77101-299-7
Words: 33072
Heat rating: 3
Price: $3.99

One inexperienced witch. One rogue vampire. Thrown together by fate, they must break her family's curse before time runs out for them both.
For nearly two centuries, every female descendant of the witch Rebecca Grey has died mysteriously at the age of twenty-one. The last of her line, Selena Grey has done everything to live a normal life. That is until she learns of the curse placed on her family. Selena's 21st birthday is coming soon and she has to find a way to break the curse and live.
Decan Colt wants more than anything to be normal again. For 160 years, he has walked the earth a blood-thirsty monster, a vampire. He was traded and trained at a young age to be his mother's revenge on Rebecca Grey and her family. But when he sees his latest target, he falters. Something about Selena Grey reminds him of the humanity he thought he had lost so long ago.
When Decan refuses to kill Selena, his maker decides to take matters into his own hands. Together, they must break the curse or face the wrath of an older vampire bent on vengeance. Will they be the latest victims of the Grey Curse?


Paint the Roses Red by Monica Corwin
Flirts/ Science Fiction-Futuristic
ISBN: 978-1-77101-367-3
Words: 5632
Heat rating: 2
Price: $0.99

The Queen of Hearts is tasked with a mission she cannot refuse. Assassinate one of the most dangerous men in the galaxy—her former lover.
Rebecca, once called The Queen of Hearts, is the most feared assassin in the galaxy. Released from the Red Queen's prison, she takes one last job in order to collect the bounty and flee to the edge of the verse. The cards are flipped into the air when she finds March at the end of her blade.
March, codenamed The Ace of Hearts, was Rebecca's friend, lover, and partner. Believing her dead, he launches a revolution against the regime who took her from him five years ago.
Can she overcome the time they spent apart and the torment she endured during her incarceration to claim vengeance against those who wronged them both?

Descending into Madness by Decadent Kane

ISBN: 978-1-77101-369-7
Heat rating: 0
Words: 5623
Price: $0.99

One moment Alice is locked up, her life over. Next she's in a new and confusing, yet wonderful world with her life just beginning.

Alice had always been different and for that she had been locked away and called crazy since she was a child. Just when she thinks that her life is over something wonderful happens. She enters a whole new world and discovers that this is where she has always been meant to be and she truly begins to live.

The Spanish Billionaire’s Baby Promise by Sheritha Singh
Flirts/Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77101-349-9
Words: 7643
Heat rating: 2
Price: $0.99

Rosa hasn't forgotten her childhood sweetheart, Rio Alejandro, even though he left her ten years ago to build his business empire. Now she's back in his life for one short week—not for his money, but to fall pregnant with his baby.
Rosa deceives her childhood sweetheart Rio into allowing her to spend a night with him so that she can seduce him and fall pregnant with his baby.
Her plan seems fine on paper. However, Rosa had not counted on her long-dormant emotions getting in the way. Once she's in Rio's company, memories of the love they'd once shared haunt her—only Rio doesn't recall a thing. The closer Rosa gets to Rio, the harder she finds it to trick him into fathering her baby.

Minx Juliette by Franny Armstrong
Toxic Tango Troop Book Two
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-77101-310-9
Words: 55263
Heat rating: 3
Price: $5.99

Shot and nearly drowned, psychic Sergeant Julie Dennison is saved by a handsome rebel leader who's searching for his kidnapped son.
When Sergeant Julie Dennison is shot and nearly drowned, she's saved by a handsome Latino stranger who can't wait to get rid of her. Wolf is a leader of a group of rebels, working together to take down crooked cops in Mexico. He searches for his kidnapped son, and the man who killed his wife. The problem is that he doesn't want to give his heart away, and Julie refuses to fall in love. Together they conquer the rainforest on a search for the Toxic Tango Troop, and Julie's twin sister, Jinn.

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