Friday, August 1, 2014

August Releases from Champagne Books, BURST Books & Carnal Passions

New Releases for Champagne Books

Distant Obsession
By M.W. Davis & Ciara Gold
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 9781771551151
56000 words
174 pages
Available at Publisher

Promo Logline:

Can the past corrupt the future?

Back Cover Blurb:

After years struggling to succeed as an artist, Lilah Randal accomplishes here dream, only to return from her first sold out exhibition to find her husband, a US Senator, and his mistress in bed, murdered. With no proof, only suspicious, the police give up pursuing her for the murders, but not the news hounds, nor the discomforting phone calls or late night attempted intrusions into her home.

Reluctantly, Lilah stalls her career, assumes a different identify and begins fresh, hiding in a small town far away from the attention of DC. Her days are filled with new vigor as the serenity of the Cherokee Valley surrounding Watauga Lake feeds her creative muse under a fake alias. Yet her nights remain hollow, like her marriage to the senator, until she becomes obsessed by the allure of a stranger that glides by her cabin in his sailboat. Both his male form and solemn expression bleed into every painting, every midnight fantasy, until her new dream becomes reality. Lilah learns her future will remain corrupted by the past until she solves the secret behind her husband’s murder and explores her attraction to the mysterious sailor.

Swimming Corpse
Blenders, 2
By Veronica H. Hart
Cozy Mystery
ISBN: 978-1-77155-134-2
65406 words
196 pages
Available at Publisher

Promo Logline: When Doll Reynolds decides to leave Keegan Bay Park and her Blender friends behind to buy a house, she faces more than their wrath when the evil homeowner refuses to leave.

Back Cover Blurb:

Doll Reynolds, although being pursued by Michael to marry him, is forever expecting her husband to return. She buys a house so Barclay will have a place to plant a garden. Her plans are thwarted left and right by the resident homeowner who balks at all attempts to rid the house of her belongings. When Doll is injured during a garage sale at the house, The Blenders, though still peeved at her plans to move away, come to her rescue. Later, Doll is interrogated by the local police when she and her friends, The Blenders, discover a corpse in the swimming pool of her new house…

 New from BURST Books

Dark Knights
The Dark Lady, 3
By R. J. Hore
Medieval Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-77155-063-5
98600 words
278 pages
Available at Publisher

Promo Logline: Faced with rebellion from within, and invasion from without, will young Queen Nefasti flee, or pick up a sword and face her fears?

Back Cover Blurb:

It has happened at last. Queen Nefasti’s friends are deserting her on all sides, treachery threatens from inside her own castle, and an invasion led by an old and angry acquaintance is knocking at the very gates to the Kingdom of Vadio. Dark Magic has stirred up things best left alone. Nefasti has been given a final choice, marry The Lord High Protector’s son, or suffer dire consequences. All of this threatens to ruin her 16th birthday celebrations, and probably end her life.
New from Carnal Passions

Lust At First Sight
By Cat Lovington
Paranormal erotic romance
ISBN: 9781771551601
19700 words
55 pages
Available at Publisher

Promo Logline: In search of a knock-your-socks-off article, freelance writer, Nonnie Lonigan impersonates a vampire to gain entrance into a sophisticated Manhattan night club for vamps only.

Back cover blurb:
Desperate for a knock-your-socks-off magazine article, freelance writer, Nonnie Lonigan, decides to impersonate a vampire in hopes of debunking the legendary sexual prowess of the night creatures. All bets are off when she meets, Dante, the tall, handsome vampire, who runs a sophisticated Manhattan nightclub for vamps only. Sparks fly at first glance, igniting the flames of passion that leaves them breathless and vulnerable to a militia of hunters dedicated to slaying every vampire on earth.

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