Sunday, July 6, 2014

Welcome to Storn. Winter is a killer--unless you can find Refuge

 Refuge (The Chronicles of Storn)

Genre: Science Fiction
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Cover, Refuge by Judy GillBlurb:

Storn, a planet far off in the Milky Way promised a new start for the inhabitants of the seven sleep-ships. They awoke from a thousand years' freeze to find all manner of problems which they eventually overcame, except for one--Winter.

An abnormal orbit around its star, Magnus, turns Storn into an unlivable habitat of freezing storms the duration of an entire Earth year. For nearly 300 winters, the settlers retired to sleep cells to survive the dark and cold. When the cryogenic units holding the frozen zygotes they had brought with them to expand the settlement’s population failed, the reluctant women were forced to replenish the settlement’s numbers the old way.

Odd things begin to happen when children were born of women, not from the genetic material brought from Earth. The ruling committee ordered them destroyed. The only way to save them is hide them. Those who care, build what they call Refuge. Now, not only will they have to survive winter, awake, they’ll have to survive the trek to Refuge—and Winter’s come early.

About Judy Gill: Besides her forays into other genres, Judy Griffith Gill writes Romance, from sweet, to sensuous, to downright sexy, from futuristic to contemporary to fantasy. Among her recent releases are the Little Matchmaker series. Judy can be found on the web at She also hangs out at se on Facebook, on Twitter, on Goodreads...and loves to hear from her readers.

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