Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Mercy of Time and Chance by Joyce DeBacco

The Mercy of Time and Chance by Joyce DeBacco
Genre: Women's fiction/literary
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About Joyce:  Among Joyce's other works are Serendipity House, Tomorrow Blossoms, and Where Dreams are Born. Find her on the web at:


The Mercy of Time and Chance spans three generations of an Italian-American family. The first generation is steeped in old world customs and values; the second tenaciously clings to the old and familiar while the world around them changes; the third embraces the modern but reverts to the past when it suits them.

Caught in the middle is Renie. Orphaned at two and raised by a bitter stepmother, she unwittingly promotes what she believes are the proper roles of men and women by raising her children the way she was raised. After a life filled with tragedy and heartbreak, she realizes she may have created a respectful, obedient daughter, but she’s also made her meek and submissive. Her son, on the other hand, has been groomed from birth to assume his father’s role as lord and master of the family. Unfortunately, he also inherits his quick temper.

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