Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Torquere Press New Releases

Get 20% off selected titles from Kara Larson, S.E. Connor, and Jane Davitt this week! Check 'em out here:

And a Chook Shall Lead Them

by Kara Larson
75 pages / 21900 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-764-9
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Amiri Campbell left New Zealand with his partner Graeme over a decade ago, and with good reason. He still carries the emotional scars of family abandonment, for all that Graeme tries to get him to reconcile. When Amiri’s beloved Auntie Moana dies, Amiri and Graeme have no choice but to head back to New Zealand to deal with her estate. They only mean for it to be a brief visit, but family matters involving his niece and nephew might turn this brief stay into something longer – and more permanent.
Even though Amiri has Graeme’s total support, does he have the strength to face his family? Even more, can he let go of the past enough to give his niece and nephew the home they both deserve?
Previously published by Torquere Press as part of the “Family Matters” anthology.
Pearls In The Darkness

by S.E. O'Connor

47 pages / 14200 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-763-2
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Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. When Tanner goes on vacation to get away from school and work, he learns this the hard way.
Though he hates water, Tanner agrees to join his older brother and friends away from home for two weeks at the beach. There he meets Chase, a gorgeous local who offers to show him the sights and introduce him to what he's been missing. Against his better judgment, Tanner agrees. He's given the gift of pearls, and his life is quickly turned upside-down as Tucker's friend (and Tanner's long-time crush) Jimmy starts acting strangely.
Tanner learns that there are things in the water that go beyond human understanding, and he's left with two major questions: What is a siren? And why is it hunting Tanner?
Pearls in the Darkness contains dark themes that some readers might find disturbing.
House Call

by Jane Davitt

74 pages / 27000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-762-5
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Country doctor Paul Jackson is passionate about his work, but he can't stop thinking about the chance he took on a one-night stand when he lived in the city. Steve never called, but Paul can't forget him. Discovering Steve is the grandson of one of his dying patients brings them together again, but Paul's worried about the town's reaction. In the midst of tragedy, misunderstandings, and manipulative exes, their love will need plenty of TLC to survive.
Previously appeared in the 'Bedside Manners' anthology, published by Torquere Press.
Coming Next Week...
Climbing the Date Palm
by Shira Glassman
Queen Shulamit is eager to help Kaveh, the youngest prince of a neighboring country, when his father throws his engineer boyfriend in jail for leading his workers in protest over underpaid wages. But if she can't find a peaceful solution that will keep everybody happy, the two countries could wind up at war.
Genre: Adventure, LGBT, Fantasy, Romance
Blood Bathory: Absence of the Sun
by Ari McKay
New allies join the theriomorphs, but could the return of an ancient enemy destroy them all - even Gaia herself? Find out in book two of Blood Bathory!
Genre: Paranormal, Horror

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