Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Torquere Press New Releases - They Do M/M & F/F Anthologies are OUT!

This week, we have selected titles from Berengaria Brown, M. Durango, Sean Michael, and Lynn Townsend on sale for 20% off! Check 'em out here:

They Do M/M Anthology

edited by Elizabeth L. Brooks with stories by M. Durango, Lynn Townsend, Genna Donaghy, Lazuli Jones, Racheline Maltese, Erin McRae, Sean Michael, Berengaria Brown

129 pages / 34600 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-768-7
Buy Link:
There's nothing like a wedding to make things interesting, for the grooms, the wedding party, the family, the friends, and even the caterer!
Sean Michael's Hammer Club favorites Billy and Montana are back in "Put a Ring On It", a tale that begins with the celebration of their best friends' first anniversary. In "Building Us," by Lynn Townsend, Eric and Temple discover that, for want of a nail, a ring is lost. In "Hold Your Peace" by Lazuli Jones, Terrence's best friend (and best man) Michael makes a confession hours before Terrence's wedding. In "Tony's Tiara" by Berengaria Brown, Tony's sister's wedding is a neverending saga of disasters, but Josh is there to support Tony through them all.
In "Having His Cake" by Genna Donaghy, Matty Strauss is about to cater the biggest wedding in his career, but the last thing he expects is for the groom to be his former one night stand. In "Always a Groomsman" by M. Durango, best men Doug and Garth have to keep a wedding-day disaster at bay. In "Lake Effect" by Erin McRae and Racheline Maltese, Kyle and Daniel return to their hometown to get married only to find themselves facing an obstacle course of family drama and small-town misadventure in their quest to make it down the aisle.
Individual Stories:
Always a Groomsman by M. Durango
Building Us by Lynn Townsend
Having His Cake by Genna Donaghy
Hold Your Peace by Lazuli Jones
Lake Effect by Racheline Maltese and Erin McRae
Put a Ring On It by Sean Michael
Tony's Tiara by Berengaria Brown

They Do F/F Anthology

edited by Elizabeth L. Brooks with stories by Vrai Kaiser, Alexandra Vaughn, Jessica Chase

67 pages / 18400 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-767-0
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They say a marriage takes work, but for these brides, getting to the altar may be the hardest part.
In "Frayed" by Alexandra Vaughn, Esther Goodwin's first encounter with another girl ends almost as soon as it begins and it is several years before she allows herself to believe in love again. In "12,000 Hour Day" by Vrai Kaiser, Devon couldn't be happier about the thought of being married to Sarah -- it's the planning she's not sure she'll survive! In "Her Dream Day", by J. Chase, it's the day before Alex and Sophia's wedding, when the venue cancels, ruining their plans.
Individual Stories:
12,000 Hour Day by Vrai Kaiser
Frayed by Alexandra Vaughn
Her Dream Day by Jessica Chase
Coming Next Week...

And A Chook Shall Lead Them
by Kara Larson
Amiri never meant to come back to New Zealand. Luckily, New Zealand – and his family -- never gave up on him.
Genre: Contemporary

Pearls in the Darkness
by S.E. O'Connor
There are things in life that are unexplained.  But for Tanner, it turns out that sometimes the line between reality and sanity can, indeed be blurred.
Genre: Paranormal

House Call
by Jane Davitt
Country doctor Paul Jackson is passionate about his work, but he can't stop thinking about the chance he took on a one-night stand when he lived in the city. Steve never called, but Paul can't forget him. Discovering Steve is the grandson of one of his dying patients brings them together again, but Paul's worried about the town's reaction. In the midst of tragedy, misunderstandings, and manipulative exes, their love will need plenty of TLC to survive.
Previously appeared in the 'Bedside Manners' anthology, published by Torquere Press.
Genre: Contemporary

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