Friday, June 27, 2014

New June Releases from Lycaon Press

Newbie Nick by Lisa McManus
Contemporary Young Adult
ISBN: 978-1-77101-274-4
Words: 22642
Heat rating: 0
Price $2.99
Available at Publisher

When 14-year-old Nick Zinsky secretly busks for money on the downtown streets, he soon learns that keeping his "job" a secret is harder than he thought.
All 14-year-old Nick Zinsky wanted was a guitar of his own and a necklace for his mom, and he wanted to buy both on his own, without anyone's help. Too young to get a real job, he came up with a plan to get the money.
Using a guitar loaned from his high school, he spent the summer and weekends playing the guitar while busking downtown. But he had to keep his "job" a secret from everyone—from his mom, his music teacher, the other kids at school, and especially from the school bully, Beau.
But when a music competition is announced where the prizes would solve all Nick's problems, Nick lacks the confidence to enter the competition. Having a nickname like "Newbie Nick" doesn't help, either.
Does he find the courage to enter? Will he ever get his guitar?

New in Print

Witch Way by M.A. Marino
Paranormal Young adult
Release date: June 25th, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-77101-245-4
Words: 56374
Heat rating: 0
Price: $12.99
Available at Publisher


"Evil isn't something you are, it's something you become."
Jessica O'Rourke is learning the dangers that young witches face when dabbling in not-so-good magic for personal gain. All of the women in Jessie's family are witches. Not the kind of witches that fly on brooms or cast spells with pointed sticks. They're the kind of witches that Jessie's mother called practical witches—that is, until she got killed. The worst part about her mother's death is that her father was the one who did it and now Jessie has to live in a house full of witchy aunts who remind her way too much of how sad she is inside. Jessie's father has gone missing but she knows he'll back to take down the rest of her family.
After an encounter with a group of girls, who Jessie's Aunt Abby describes as bad news, Jessie finds herself in a heated battle with the warlocks that threaten to destroy her entire bloodline. In time, she unveils an unimaginable secret about herself that will surely alter her future. Jessie has to decide which way she will turn and how she will use her new powers to stop her father from hurting anyone else. Can she stop herself from becoming evil in the process?

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