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New June Releases from Lycaon Press

Newbie Nick by Lisa McManus
Contemporary Young Adult
ISBN: 978-1-77101-274-4
Words: 22642
Heat rating: 0
Price $2.99
Available at Publisher

When 14-year-old Nick Zinsky secretly busks for money on the downtown streets, he soon learns that keeping his "job" a secret is harder than he thought.
All 14-year-old Nick Zinsky wanted was a guitar of his own and a necklace for his mom, and he wanted to buy both on his own, without anyone's help. Too young to get a real job, he came up with a plan to get the money.
Using a guitar loaned from his high school, he spent the summer and weekends playing the guitar while busking downtown. But he had to keep his "job" a secret from everyone—from his mom, his music teacher, the other kids at school, and especially from the school bully, Beau.
But when a music competition is announced where the prizes would solve all Nick's problems, Nick lacks the confidence to enter the competition. Having a nickname like "Newbie Nick" doesn't help, either.
Does he find the courage to enter? Will he ever get his guitar?

New in Print

Witch Way by M.A. Marino
Paranormal Young adult
Release date: June 25th, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-77101-245-4
Words: 56374
Heat rating: 0
Price: $12.99
Available at Publisher


"Evil isn't something you are, it's something you become."
Jessica O'Rourke is learning the dangers that young witches face when dabbling in not-so-good magic for personal gain. All of the women in Jessie's family are witches. Not the kind of witches that fly on brooms or cast spells with pointed sticks. They're the kind of witches that Jessie's mother called practical witches—that is, until she got killed. The worst part about her mother's death is that her father was the one who did it and now Jessie has to live in a house full of witchy aunts who remind her way too much of how sad she is inside. Jessie's father has gone missing but she knows he'll back to take down the rest of her family.
After an encounter with a group of girls, who Jessie's Aunt Abby describes as bad news, Jessie finds herself in a heated battle with the warlocks that threaten to destroy her entire bloodline. In time, she unveils an unimaginable secret about herself that will surely alter her future. Jessie has to decide which way she will turn and how she will use her new powers to stop her father from hurting anyone else. Can she stop herself from becoming evil in the process?

New Breathless Press Releases-June 27th, 2014

Beyond the Horizon by Wanda Kay Frittro
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77101-296-6
Words: 63765
Heat rating: 2
Price: $6.99
Available at Publisher

Katie and Josh, both desperately seeking redemption from their past, discover passion in each other's arms. With danger just around the corner, will love survive?
When Katie Sullivan makes the hasty decision to run away from an abusive relationship, she has no clue what is ahead of her. She only knows it has to be better than her life up until now. Her boyfriend is a powerful drug dealer who will stop at nothing to get her back. She knows too much. Car trouble leaves her stranded in the middle of Kansas, with little money, and a growing fear of failure.
Widower Josh Warner works and lives on an elderly couples' farm. He juggles the responsibilities of raising his young son and his passion for the rodeo. Unable to let go of his deceased wife's memory and on the rebound from a misguided affair, he has no desire for another relationship. But, when Katie appears out of nowhere, everything changes.
Against all reason, Katie and Josh find themselves drawn to each other. If the past catches up to them, their newfound passion, and their lives could be in jeopardy. Can their love win against the evil headed their way?

Taking Pleasure Where You Can by Kelly Ryan
ISBN: 978-1-77101-309-3
Words: 4250
Heat rating: 3
Price: $0.99
Available at Publisher

John never thought that he would be the same after Pearl Harbor, then he set eyes on Imee and everything changed.
Ever since Pearl Harbor, John had become a shell of a man, unable to move on from the trauma. When his captain forces him to take shore leave, a night out with the guys and one woman were about to change everything.

New Breathless Press Releases-June 20th, 2014

Wedding Belle Blues by Mia Epsilon
Contemporary Sweet Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77101-274-4
Words: 56382
Heat rating: 1
Price: $5.99
Available at Publisher

What do you do when the woman you love is marrying the wrong man? Sabotage the wedding!
Anna is planning the perfect wedding, but she doesn't anticipate her future mother-in-law's offer of help which translates into take over. Her groom-to-be avoids her and insists their growing problems are just "bridal nerves." Worst of all, her best friend, Robin, begins to act strange. Everyone around her has his or her own agenda. What's a girl to do when she begins to realize the perfect life she envisioned is all a lie?
Robin has two great loves in his life: his best friend Anna and his motorcycle. Not one to make a scene, he supports Anna in her plan to marry the wrong man and regrets she can't accept his dare devil lifestyle. But when push comes to shove, he's more than willing to make the necessary sacrifice and prove he is the man she needs.
As the wedding date draws near and plans shift into high gear, Robin and Anna grow closer and not just as friends. Each must decide what the perfect life truly means while trying to negotiate the maze of wedding plans, secrets, and hidden motives. Will someone be left singing the blues?

Phone Home by Brantwijn Serrah
Flirt/Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77101-294-2
Words: 2940
Heat rating: 3
Price: $0.99
Available at Publisher

What to do when your honey's traveling but you've just got to have some fun? For Catie and Ryan, good times are only a phone call away...
Ryan's on a road trip with friends, which means Catie is by herself for a long—and lonely—weekend. When the phone rings just before midnight, though, she can guess what it means: Ry's lonely too, but he's not about to let miles of road stop them from having a hot night together.


New from Breathless Press-June 13th, 2014

A Taste for Danger by H.K. Sterling
Chasing the Taste Book Two
Romantic Suspense/Covert
ISBN: 978-1-77101-272-7
Words: 27765
Heat rating: 3
Price: $2.99
Available at Publisher


Still licking his wounds over blowing it with the love of his life, Detective Jack Heart finds himself in over his head with corporate politics, treachery, and vipers of the female variety. Under pressure to solve the case, Jack's taste for danger will place him and those he loves on a collision course with disaster.
Still licking his wounds over blowing it with Carolyn Woods, the love of his life, Jack Heart drinks to excess daily. His apartment is in shambles, he's isolated himself from all his friends, and he stumbles to the couch every night to sleep off an alcoholic stupor. All that changes when he receives a phone call with a job offer from a man he barely knew.
Suddenly, Jack must track down an embezzler inside a swanky corporation riff with politics, game-playing, and treachery. The deeper Jack goes, the more dirt he finds. Can this out-of-place detective survive and still crack the case? Not to mention some women he works with have plans for him—plans that are way more than he bargained for.
One thing is certain: Jack's taste for danger will take him to the edge of disaster.

The Song in the Silver by Faberge Nostromo
Flirt/Paranormal romance
ISBN: 978-1-77101-281-2
Words: 5509
Heat Rating: 2
Price: $0.99 
Available at Publisher

A vampire's bite.
A werewolf's love.
Burned by silver and called by its song, he walks the night forever, protecting those he loves.
His mortal life stolen by a vampire, his undead life saved by a werewolf, William walks now in darkness. Scarred by her silver on the night he was turned, he secretly protected Mary until the day she died.
And now the fading song of their daughter's life has called him back to the glen.
Will tonight be the night he can reveal to her the eternal love that has kept her safe, and that will now protect her son?

New in Print

Lotus Petals by Brantwijn Serrah
The Books of Blood and Fire, Book One
F/F Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-77101-337-6
Words: 75083
Heat rating: 3
Price: $12.99
Available at Publisher

Aijyn, human slave to a ruthless vampire Lord, would never dare do anything to incur his wrath. Then, she fell in love...with his bride.
Rhiannon Donovan, daughter to the vampire Queen, would rather die than be made a bride to a demon lord. Aijyn, courtesan to the undead Daimyo of Kansai, can think of nothing more horrifying than his promise of eternal life. In the halls of the Blood Lotus Temple, the two women struggle against the chains of their fate, and find a solace in each other that could mean freedom for them both...or cost each of them their lives.

NEW! Box Set of Naughty Ladies in Nice Series

Treat yourself to a mini vacation in France with five fun-packed books where intrigue, romance, and Haute cuisine collide into erotic adventure.

French Tart Book 1
BonAppétit...Satisfy all your cravings at cooking school.

FRENCH Delights Book 2
Fantasy blooms in a garden of wicked delight.

FRENCH Twist Book 3
Spies and lies bring a deadly twist to the City of Lights.

FRENCH Kiss Book 4
Man and the sea have one commonality – both have a great capacity to create evil.

FRENCH Tickler Book 5
Lace and of the trade.

Available at Amazon / Publisher
Author: Sloane Taylor
Erotic Contemporary Romance

City Nights: One Night in Paris by Lucy Felthouse

City Nights: One Night in Paris by Lucy Felthouse
Genre: M/F Erotic Romance
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing
Buy Link:

Book Blurb: 

Jacob is nearly forty, and has recently come to the sudden realisation that he’s not doing much with his life. Sure, he’s got his own successful business, but what’s the point in earning lots of money and not doing anything or going anywhere to spend it?

He’s in serious danger of being all work and no play, so he starts to rectify this by organising a twenty four hour layover in Paris en route to a meeting in Dubai. Whilst there, he goes on a bus tour of the city, and there meets Annabelle, a fellow Brit who’s studying in Paris. There’s clearly an attraction between the two of them, so when the gorgeous Annabelle makes an indecent proposal to help Jacob fill his time in Paris, who is he to refuse?

Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women's Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:

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26 Jun ~ Changeling Press New Releases

New From Changeling Press ~ 26 June 2014

Pets by Mychael Black
Pets by Mychael Black

(Erotic Urban Fantasy Romance, MM)

Ian Bishop, captain of Queen Raleen's flagship, is a prisoner of war. So to speak. Tired of the human queen hunting his race, the centaur king Terian Thunderhoof wages war on the humans.

When Ian surrenders, Terian claims the disillusioned captain for his own. Thrust into a new life vastly different than the one he'd had, Ian finds himself torn between worry about what happens when the novelty of a human pet wears off...and worry that he's falling in love.

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The Secret of Harbor Springs by Ana Raine
The Secret of Harbor Springs by Ana Raine
Hidden Oaks 2

(Erotic Shifter Romance, MM)

Carson and his mate Tate team up with Gaven and Lily to escape Federal agents who are trying to bring them back to Hidden Oaks, a prison for shape shifting Changelings. Carson's not a shapeshifter, but he holds an unusual power over other Changelings -- a power the JIA, the Federal task force charged with rounding up Changelings, will go to any ends to make their own.

Tate knows Carson is his true mate, but Carson soon realizes there will never be a normal for Tate -- the JIA will never stop hunting them as long as he's with Tate. When Lily's friend begs for their help rescuing her mate from the Harbor Springs, a prison for Changelings, Carson must decide whether to protect Tate or stand up to the JIA and fight for his kind.

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Born on the 4th of July by Marteeka Karland
Born on the 4th of July by Marteeka Karland
10th Anniversary Re-release

(Erotic Comedic Romance, MF)

Jake and Laura are exact opposites. They drive each other crazy! In the five years they've worked together, neither of them has admitted the strong attraction. All that is about to change.

This July 4th promises to have more fireworks than just the ones at the county fair. Jake and Laura will make a few of their own and maybe they can find a love Born On The Fourth Of July.

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The Hard Way (Box Set) by Stephanie Burke
The Hard Way (Box Set) by Stephanie Burke

(Erotic Paranormal Interracial Romance, MF)

From the twisted mind of Stephanie Burke come some of the strangest tales you’ll ever read…

A Man Called Lust: Sinopee doesn't want to lose her lover, but how can she stay when it may mean both their deaths?

Welcome to Prefect City: Shaquandra discovers things aren't always Perfect, even in "Perfect" city!

Three the Hard Way: Perfect submission was never this hard... or this good.

The Sincubus (13th Floor): When worlds collide and ideas change, anything can happen... on the 13th floor.

Still Waters (13th Floor): She challenged his ideals and his body. But is it enough to escape the 13th Floor?

This collection contains the previously released novellas A Man Called Lust, Welcome to Prefect City, Three the Hard Way, The Sincubus, and Still Waters.

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Torquere Press New Releases

Get 20% off selected titles from Kara Larson, S.E. Connor, and Jane Davitt this week! Check 'em out here:

And a Chook Shall Lead Them

by Kara Larson
75 pages / 21900 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-764-9
Buy Link:
Amiri Campbell left New Zealand with his partner Graeme over a decade ago, and with good reason. He still carries the emotional scars of family abandonment, for all that Graeme tries to get him to reconcile. When Amiri’s beloved Auntie Moana dies, Amiri and Graeme have no choice but to head back to New Zealand to deal with her estate. They only mean for it to be a brief visit, but family matters involving his niece and nephew might turn this brief stay into something longer – and more permanent.
Even though Amiri has Graeme’s total support, does he have the strength to face his family? Even more, can he let go of the past enough to give his niece and nephew the home they both deserve?
Previously published by Torquere Press as part of the “Family Matters” anthology.
Pearls In The Darkness

by S.E. O'Connor

47 pages / 14200 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-763-2
Buy Link:
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. When Tanner goes on vacation to get away from school and work, he learns this the hard way.
Though he hates water, Tanner agrees to join his older brother and friends away from home for two weeks at the beach. There he meets Chase, a gorgeous local who offers to show him the sights and introduce him to what he's been missing. Against his better judgment, Tanner agrees. He's given the gift of pearls, and his life is quickly turned upside-down as Tucker's friend (and Tanner's long-time crush) Jimmy starts acting strangely.
Tanner learns that there are things in the water that go beyond human understanding, and he's left with two major questions: What is a siren? And why is it hunting Tanner?
Pearls in the Darkness contains dark themes that some readers might find disturbing.
House Call

by Jane Davitt

74 pages / 27000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-762-5
Buy Link:
Country doctor Paul Jackson is passionate about his work, but he can't stop thinking about the chance he took on a one-night stand when he lived in the city. Steve never called, but Paul can't forget him. Discovering Steve is the grandson of one of his dying patients brings them together again, but Paul's worried about the town's reaction. In the midst of tragedy, misunderstandings, and manipulative exes, their love will need plenty of TLC to survive.
Previously appeared in the 'Bedside Manners' anthology, published by Torquere Press.
Coming Next Week...
Climbing the Date Palm
by Shira Glassman
Queen Shulamit is eager to help Kaveh, the youngest prince of a neighboring country, when his father throws his engineer boyfriend in jail for leading his workers in protest over underpaid wages. But if she can't find a peaceful solution that will keep everybody happy, the two countries could wind up at war.
Genre: Adventure, LGBT, Fantasy, Romance
Blood Bathory: Absence of the Sun
by Ari McKay
New allies join the theriomorphs, but could the return of an ancient enemy destroy them all - even Gaia herself? Find out in book two of Blood Bathory!
Genre: Paranormal, Horror

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19 June ~ Changeling Press New Releases

New From Changeling Press ~ 19 June 2014

Heat of the Moment by Kate Hill
Heat of the Moment by Kate Hill
Combustion 3

(Erotic SciFi Paranormal Romance, MF)

With his shady past, Jace didn't think any company would hire him as engineer on a research ship headed to Earth. His shipmates are willing to give him a chance to prove he's reformed -- except for the security officer, Tiana. From the moment they meet, she makes it plain she doesn't approve of him being aboard. It's hard enough when a crewmate loathes you, but it's even worse when she's the sexiest woman you've ever met.

Tiana hates everything Jace stood for in the past and she's not willing to believe he's turned his life around. As much as she wants him off the ship, she wants him in her bed. She can't trust him, but can she resist him?

Buy Link:


Fever Hitch by Ayla Ruse
Fever Hitch by Ayla Ruse
Earth Con

(Erotic Paranormal SciFi Romance, MF)

Felicia Walker loves her job as an illustrator at Fever Hitch Comics. During this year's annual Earth Con, she will not only draw caricatures, but she'll also be decked out in body paint to represent the F'ldae -- an alien species from the comics. As she starts off a night exploring the off-limits, alien side of the convention, Felicia is unprepared for the spiraling events that will make her behave like a true F'ldae... in full mating heat.

Agent Slate Reese, along with his best friend Agent Ryker Seals, are Metons who want to settle down, but they're having a difficult time finding the female to complete their mating trio. With the vast assortment of alien species converging on this area, surely there's one female who wouldn't mind spending a night with both of them.

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Renegade by Shelby Morgen
Renegade by Shelby Morgen
Dragon's Watch 2
10th Anniversary Re-release

(Erotic Futuristic Urban Fantasy Romance, MF)

2286: The North American Continent
Area once known as Upstate New York

In the aftermath of battle, Esterion, Ranger of the New Order, is looking for nothing more than a few moments' peace. The last thing she expects is to be swept off her feet -- literally -- by a massive Blue Dragon who claims she's his mate. Esterion knows nothing of the old ways -- her mother's seen to that -- and she's not about to be cowed into accepting Cerulean's word that she's the mate he's been seeking for over 100 years. She certainly wasn't searching for him!

But when her father, Pajja, shows up to rescue her, Esterion finds she's not at all sure she wants to be rescued. Not when the stakes are higher than she's ever bargained for, and the fate of Humanity hangs in the balance.

Publisher's Note: Although Renegade is part of a serial, meant to be read in order, it is not necessary to have read Gargoyle or Night Before Christmas to understand the plot or characters.

Buy Link:


Big, Blooming & Wild! Vol. 2
Big, Blooming & Wild! Vol. 2
Box Set

(Erotic SciFi Paranormal BDSM Interracial Romance, MF)

"Willow the Wisp" by Marie Treanor
The aliens are coming -- to rural Romania! Salcie has always been in love with Cristian, but he doesn't think of her as a lover. No wonder: she's the willow tree at the bottom of his garden. Trouble really starts when the younger trees begin to shift, too, and pursue revenge against their would-be murderer, Cristian...

"Two Fine for Pine" by Isabella Jordan
When Vanessa Arnault hits town, the twins immediately know that their woman has finally arrived, big, beautiful, and exotic. Charles and Christopher must win Vanessa's heart and claim her as their mate -- before she cuts them down to make a miniature Taj Mahal for her pet poodle Pierre.

"Mulberrilicious" by Michelle Hasker
After losing her job to the economy and her fiancé to a skinny chick, Trisha moves to Missouri, where she runs into the two handsome hunks who own a neighboring property. Both men want her, and neither cares that she's a BBW. What she doesn't know is that they're not what they seem to be. Oh, and they're already lovers.

Publisher's Note: This collection contains the previously released Big, Blooming & Wild! novellas Mulberrilicious, Two Fine for Pine, and Willow the Wisp.

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Torquere Press New Releases - They Do M/M & F/F Anthologies are OUT!

This week, we have selected titles from Berengaria Brown, M. Durango, Sean Michael, and Lynn Townsend on sale for 20% off! Check 'em out here:

They Do M/M Anthology

edited by Elizabeth L. Brooks with stories by M. Durango, Lynn Townsend, Genna Donaghy, Lazuli Jones, Racheline Maltese, Erin McRae, Sean Michael, Berengaria Brown

129 pages / 34600 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-768-7
Buy Link:
There's nothing like a wedding to make things interesting, for the grooms, the wedding party, the family, the friends, and even the caterer!
Sean Michael's Hammer Club favorites Billy and Montana are back in "Put a Ring On It", a tale that begins with the celebration of their best friends' first anniversary. In "Building Us," by Lynn Townsend, Eric and Temple discover that, for want of a nail, a ring is lost. In "Hold Your Peace" by Lazuli Jones, Terrence's best friend (and best man) Michael makes a confession hours before Terrence's wedding. In "Tony's Tiara" by Berengaria Brown, Tony's sister's wedding is a neverending saga of disasters, but Josh is there to support Tony through them all.
In "Having His Cake" by Genna Donaghy, Matty Strauss is about to cater the biggest wedding in his career, but the last thing he expects is for the groom to be his former one night stand. In "Always a Groomsman" by M. Durango, best men Doug and Garth have to keep a wedding-day disaster at bay. In "Lake Effect" by Erin McRae and Racheline Maltese, Kyle and Daniel return to their hometown to get married only to find themselves facing an obstacle course of family drama and small-town misadventure in their quest to make it down the aisle.
Individual Stories:
Always a Groomsman by M. Durango
Building Us by Lynn Townsend
Having His Cake by Genna Donaghy
Hold Your Peace by Lazuli Jones
Lake Effect by Racheline Maltese and Erin McRae
Put a Ring On It by Sean Michael
Tony's Tiara by Berengaria Brown

They Do F/F Anthology

edited by Elizabeth L. Brooks with stories by Vrai Kaiser, Alexandra Vaughn, Jessica Chase

67 pages / 18400 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-767-0
Buy Link:
They say a marriage takes work, but for these brides, getting to the altar may be the hardest part.
In "Frayed" by Alexandra Vaughn, Esther Goodwin's first encounter with another girl ends almost as soon as it begins and it is several years before she allows herself to believe in love again. In "12,000 Hour Day" by Vrai Kaiser, Devon couldn't be happier about the thought of being married to Sarah -- it's the planning she's not sure she'll survive! In "Her Dream Day", by J. Chase, it's the day before Alex and Sophia's wedding, when the venue cancels, ruining their plans.
Individual Stories:
12,000 Hour Day by Vrai Kaiser
Frayed by Alexandra Vaughn
Her Dream Day by Jessica Chase
Coming Next Week...

And A Chook Shall Lead Them
by Kara Larson
Amiri never meant to come back to New Zealand. Luckily, New Zealand – and his family -- never gave up on him.
Genre: Contemporary

Pearls in the Darkness
by S.E. O'Connor
There are things in life that are unexplained.  But for Tanner, it turns out that sometimes the line between reality and sanity can, indeed be blurred.
Genre: Paranormal

House Call
by Jane Davitt
Country doctor Paul Jackson is passionate about his work, but he can't stop thinking about the chance he took on a one-night stand when he lived in the city. Steve never called, but Paul can't forget him. Discovering Steve is the grandson of one of his dying patients brings them together again, but Paul's worried about the town's reaction. In the midst of tragedy, misunderstandings, and manipulative exes, their love will need plenty of TLC to survive.
Previously appeared in the 'Bedside Manners' anthology, published by Torquere Press.
Genre: Contemporary

Sweet Spot by Lucy Felthouse

Sweet Spot by Lucy Felthouse

Genre: Lesbian sports erotic romance

Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing

Buy Link:

Book Blurb: Virginia Miller is an up-and-coming tennis star. She’s gone from a ratty tennis court in a park in south London, England, to the world’s top training facility—Los Carlos Tennis Academy in California. In awe of the talent around her, Virginia is all the more determined to make the most of the opportunity and show that she’s worthy of her place there. Her mentor, Nadia Gorlando, has every faith in her.

But Virginia finds herself distracted—Nadia, as well as being a top-notch tennis player, is seriously sexy, and Virginia’s mind keeps wandering where it shouldn’t. Will her crush get in the way of her career, or can she find a way to push the other woman out of her mind before it’s too late?

Author Bio: Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women's Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:

Tony's Tiara

"Tony's Tiara" by Berengaria Brown

Publisher: Torquere Press

Genre: MM, erotic

Buy link:

Blurb: Tony’s sister Sharon has spent a year planning the perfect wedding. Tony’s very nervous about being on display on stage as one of her attendants, and that’s before everything goes wrong. Lost tiaras, drunk groomsmen, the list is endless. Without the love and support of Josh, Tony simply would never have survived the weekend. What else could possibly go wrong?

Author bio: Berengaria is an award-winning, best-selling, multi-published author of erotic romance with over one hundred published digital, print and audio books. She writes contemporary, paranormal (magic, ghosts, vampires, fairies, dragons, and werewolves), futuristic, medieval, and Regency-set historical. She loves to read all different kinds of romance so that is what she writes: MMF, MFM, FMMM, FFM, MM, FF, and MF. Whatever the characters need for their very hot happily-ever-after, Berengaria makes sure they get it.

Blog link:

Web link:

One Night in Bangkok by Gale Stanley

Contemporary, Multicultural, Gay, Erotic, Romance

Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Cover Art: Sour Cherry Designs


The temperature in Thailand is a humid ninety degrees but things are about to get a lot hotter for Philadelphia lawyer David Elliot. 

Thailand is a hedonist’s paradise but David isn’t interested in the sinful pleasures Bangkok has to offer. His only concern is taking care of business so he can return home and patch things up with his ex. Then on his first night in town David meets Kai, and the younger man turns his world upside down. Kai is close-lipped, and David knows he's hiding something, but Kai brings a joie de vivre into David’s life that’s long been missing. Then after a few blissful weeks, Kai disappears and David is hurt. He knows this was never meant to be anything more than a pleasant diversion, but now that it's over can he walk away without looking back? 

Buy Link

Author Bio

Gale Stanley is a hopeless romantic, who grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her nose buried in a book of fairy tales. If a story ended badly, she created her own happily ever after. Now, she writes romance, in all its many splendored facets, because she believes the world needs more love and happy endings.