Sunday, May 18, 2014

Romance with J. Gill

Gypsy Magic by Judy Griffith Gill

Series:The Little Matchmakers Book #2

Genre: Sweet Romance

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Lovely model, Gypsy Gaynor, is stranded after a photo shoot when the helicopter that dropped her off on a deserted island with only a floor-length mink cape, a red bikini, and a silk scarf crashes. Injured and unconscious, Gypsy finally awakens to find a sweet little boy named Kevin tugging at her toes and calling her Mother. He takes her home to the cabin he occupies with his taciturn father, artist Lance Saunders who tells her they are all stuck there for the next month until his friends return to pick him up. Gypsy can do nothing to save herself, but she soon sees a serious problem between father and son and, with nothing else to occupy her time, sets out to learn the reason Kevin’s afraid of his daddy, and why Lance believes there’s nothing he can do about it. Within days, she realizes she’s having a wonderful time with six-year-old Kevin, as well as developing an interest in Lance, though he warned her at the outset not to do so.

Lance, for his part, finds Gypsy annoying, outspoken, interfering and incredibly tempting, mink cape, red bikini and all, however much he tries to hide that from her and from himself. As she sets out to “fix” the problem between him and his son, he discovers her methods work—sometimes—but that even the failures do nothing to stop the determined Gypsy from plying her magic and making him want things he’s better off without, things he knows he doesn’t deserve.

Will the love in Gypsy’s warm heart be enough to heal the emotional injuries life has dealt both father and son? Upon their return to civilization, it appears not… Until Little Matchmaker Kevin takes matters into his own hands and goes off on an adventurous, potentially dangerous solo search for Gypsy.

Author Bio
  Judy Griffith Gill writes Romance, from Sweet, to Sensuous, to downright Sexy, from Futuristic to Contemporary to Fantasy. Judy can be found on the web at:


And if you missed, A Father For Philip, the first book in The Little Matchmaker series.
Genre: Sweet Romance  
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 Blurb:  Eleanor's son, Philip needs a father. When his "imaginary" playmate, Jeff, turns out to be David Jefferson the husband who went missing from Eleanor's life before her son was born, can she accept him back? She knows she still loves him, but why won't he tell her why he stayed away for seven years? 
There is much to contend with--apparent lies, questions about who deceived whom and why. All this must be resolved before Philip finally has a father.


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