Friday, May 23, 2014

Newest Releases from Breathless Press~ May 23rd

Enough by Matthew Metzger
M/M Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77101-247-8
Words: 61759
Heat rating: 2
Price: $6.99
Available at Publisher

Jesse can do the math: Ezra's perfect, he isn't, and this relationship is doomed. Until the accident forces Jesse to recalculate.
Jesse has never had a real boyfriend before. He's a firefighter, and that's all that anyone's seen before—a quick and thrilling screw, and a story for the future. So when he lands Ezra Pryce, the most beautiful man in the whole of Brighton, Jesse can't quite understand why Ezra is still here eight months down the line.
Not that he's going to complain. Ezra's sexy, sarcastic, and doesn't treat Jesse like he's stupid, but Jesse can do the math. Ezra is nothing short of perfection; and Jesse falls a very way short of it. Jesse isn't going to be enough for someone like Ezra in the long run, and he is living—and loving—on borrowed time. When a disastrous weekend in Norwich introduces Jesse to the staunch disapproval of Ezra's family and the six-pack of his ex-boyfriend in one fell swoop, Jesse's fate is sealed. He cannot hope to live up to an ex who has every intention of getting Ezra back, and all the looks and charm to do it too. Jesse is not enough for Ezra and he's never going to be.
Until the accident forces Jesse to re-evaluate, and shows him exactly what he looks like through Ezra's eyes.

The Admirer by Michele Stegman
Flirt/Historical/Regency Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77101-277-5
Words: 6087
Heat rating: 1
Price: $0.99
Available at Publisher

All she wanted was a little adventure before settling into a forced, loveless marriage. How could she have known just how far that adventure would take her?
All Marcia wanted was a little adventure followed by a bright and everlasting love. So now that she is being forced into an arranged marriage to an arrogant duke, who could blame her for choosing the lure of a secret admirer who sends her thoughtful gifts, cryptic notes, and gives her thrilling kisses in a dark garden? But is he asking too much when he offers a trip to Gretna Green? Or is it worth the risk to avoid a loveless marriage?

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