Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New Releases from Torquere Press

This week we have selected titles from Kiernan Kelly and Julia Talbot on sale for 20% off! Check 'em out here:

Dream Dice
by Julia Talbot
51 pages / 14100 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-752-6
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When Thayer buys a new set of gaming dice at Comic-Con, he has no idea they come with magic attached to them, or that they’ll transport him to a land where he’s a healer of the sexual kind. Barbarian Erlich needs just that kind of magick to pass some important trials, so he turns to Thayer for help. Magick never comes without a price, though. Can Thayer and Erlich pay what they owe and survive?

The Fantasy Collection
by Kiernan Kelly
73 pages / 20700 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-751-9
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This collection features three tales of fantastical lives and impossible love.  Suspend your belief, and dive into a trio of stories filled with incredible circumstances, and magical influences. In Mr. Fix-It, a frustrated consumer finds himself the owner of a futuristic android who comes equipped a secret BDSM function. A young man whose life is continually complicated by the presence of the ghosts of three stubborn-if-well-meaning music legends, finds old time rock and roll to be just the thing he needs to find love. Finally, a sheriff in a town on the outskirts of Hell finds love despite his constant battle with evil's minions.
Previously published as Sips through Torquere Press.
Coming Next Week...

Men in Uniform
edited by Elizabeth L. Brooks
There's just something about a man in uniform! Delivery drivers, cops, soldiers, firemen, and more, we've got all kinds of uniforms here, and the men who fill them out.
Genre: Contemporary
Individual Stories:
Best Laid Plans by M. Durango
Seven Steps To Heaven by Emily Moreton
UPSex by Rob Rosen
Crossfire by Jon Keys
The Queen's Guard by Emma Jane
Nurse Levi by L.J.Hamlin
What Can Brown Do For You? by Hunter Frost
Midnight Magic by Mychael Black

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