Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Releases from BA Tortuga - Torquere Press

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A Bunch of Roughstock
by BA Tortuga
81 pages / 22000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-744-1
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BA Tortuga’s Roughstock world comes to life in this collection of short stories. Featuring Beau and Sam from the novel File Gumbo and Coke and Dillon from And a Smile, these tales range from a long-ago first time to a bullfighter’s retreat, providing an intriguing glimpse into a bullrider’s daily life, as well as how the hard-working cowboy protection team blows off steam. Stories include Starting the Roux, Cowboy Christmas, Just Another Day at the Office, The New Guy and the Retreat and Too Careful by Half.
All stories previously published in the Sip short story line.

Cat in the China Shop
by BA Tortuga
47 pages / 12600 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-743-4
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Were-cougar Brock wants a special gift for his folks for their anniversary, mainly to cover up his lack of enthusiasm for going back to his small hometown. When he decides on replicating his mom’s old china pattern, the last person he expects to find at the design company is his old flame, Clay.
Clay has changed everything from his hair color to the way he eats to escape his past. Can Brock convince him that it’s better to be himself, and for them to be together?
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Torqued Tales
edited by Elizabeth L. Brooks
Once upon a time, we asked our authors for their best gay twists on their favorite fairy tales, and wow, did they deliver! We think these will satisfy your happily-ever-after cravings!
Genre: Paranormal, Gay, Sci-fi/fantasy

M/M stories:
A Different Dance - Nash Summers
Catching the Gingerbread Man - Christopher West
The Snow Queen - Darren Endymion
The Wolf in the Woods - Nicole McCormick
The Prince and the Frog - Rob Rosen

F/F stories:
A Stranger Brought - Emily Moreton
Annabeth and the Wolf - Jo Hart
Dragon Slayer - Lucy Hallowell

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