Monday, April 7, 2014

New from Lycaon Press-March 28th, 2014

The Shalean Moon Collection by J. Lilley
Paranormal Young Adult
Lycaon Press
Complete Collection (books 1-6)
ISBN: 978-1-77101-243-0
Available at Publisher

When Shaleans fight Shaleans nothing is simple. It's up to the next generation of leaders and their friends to save their Sept.
Nine teenagers struggle to find themselves even while they fight to save an entire race. When Rach moves to Scotland, she discovers a family history she knew nothing about. Along with a strange heritage, she encounters people who want to change her life in both good and bad ways.
Brios is Patriarch-in-Waiting, the leader-elect of Shalea. He must try to overcome the Rogues who want to take over. On his path to leadership, Brios uncovers his own strengths, his weaknesses, and his destiny.
Leira wants to renounce Shalea and Donny doesn't want her to. Will they overcome their difficulties and help Shalea? Or will her desire for freedom cost everyone she loves more than she expected?
Andy and Sam have to try to understand each other as well as come to terms with the fact that one is Shalean and one human. Can they trust their hearts enough to get through this, or will old values keep them forever apart?
Troy—half Shalean, half witch—and Ali—all witch— work together to try and save the day, but can they? With danger knocking at their very door, and friends who've gone missing, can they unite their powers to save the ones they love?
Aibhlinn just needs to atone, or so she thinks. Her history is riddled with manipulation and pain. Can she help those who need her, but might not want her?
With true Shaleans and humans working together, can they overcome the evil that some rogue Shaleans seem intent on, or is the true Shalea lost for ever?

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