Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New April Releases from Champagne Books

The Prince Of Keegan Bay
Blenders, I
By Veronica Helen Hart
Cozy Mystery/Humor
ISBN: 9781928881863
231 pages
77600 words
Available at Publisher

A senior citizens' community unites to save a baby prince from an ancient Kushawan legend.

When the American born heir to the kingdom of Kushawa is hidden in an age-qualified retirement community, a battle of wits and tactics develops between the Kushawan Alliance of Royal Princes (KARP), determined to eliminate the infant, and a group of senior citizens, equally determined to save him. Doll Reynolds pulls the residents into a unified group while the baby's mother, Moira Robbins, risks her life to lure the KARP assassins away from her child.

Acts Of Grace
An Amazing Grace Novella
By Misa Buckley
Science Fiction Romance
7500 words
24 pages
Available at Publisher

Why would someone manufacture genetic mutations in a hidden laboratory beneath a mental institution? The answer may be more than Grace can bear.

After stopping the power-hungry CO of Global Solutions from burning the world, Grace McKenna turns her attention to Hammel Mental Institute, the asylum where Benedict was locked up without reason, determined to close the place down.

Her investigation uncovers mysterious donations, vanishing patients and a hidden laboratory beneath the building. Still coming to terms with her abilities, Grace faces the possibility that the mutation was manufactured. But who by and, more importantly, what for?

All Things Returned
Sweet Lenora, 3
By Ute Carbone
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77155-106-9
22700 words
66 pages
Available at Publisher

  An old acquaintance threatens more than simply ruining the happy life Anton and Lenora have built together.

Anton and Lenora Boudreaux have settled into an idyllic cottage overlooking San Francisco Bay. They’ve left trouble behind them and found happily ever after—family, friends, and a business that has every expectation of being successful. Until the Willow sails into port.

The captain of Willow, Jacob Lowell, is privy to secrets that threaten Lenora’s reputation and Anton’s life. When Anton sails to Seattle on a business enterprise, Jacob tries to blackmail Lenora, threatening to expose all he knows and forces her to make decisions that will test her love of Anton and her life with him.

New Prints In Old Calico
By Jennifer Lynn
Historical romance/ time travel
ISBN: 978-1-77155-128-1
56700 words
188 pages
Available at Publisher

Some people dream of life in simpler times, but when dreams turn into reality, Amy learns that even simpler times can be complicated.

Amanda Bradshaw, a librarian from modern day New York City, is suddenly transported to Calico, a small 1880s era western town. Without warning, she becomes the new schoolmarm in Calico instead of a librarian. Bewildered by this sudden change in scene, she is befriended by the sheriff, Austen Riley, and a sympathetic saloon owner named Lil. Riley is a man with dark secrets and an axe to grind with rancher Matt Mallory, who turns Amanda's life inside out. Matt is handsome, determined to win her as his wife, but his shady reputation leaves a lot to be desired. Still, Amanda is attracted to him as they flirt and tease, argue and banter their way towards love.

As Matt, Amy, and Matt's young daughter, Molly, struggle to become a family, Marshall Riley plans to destroy Matt and claim Amy for his own. But how can Amy prove Matt’s innocence to the one man who wants him dead?

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