Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Releases from Torquere Press & Prizm Books

All Will Be Revealed
by U Z. Eliserio
186 pages / 52000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-665-9
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Danton de Mesa lives a quiet life producing videos of the Equine Show with his boss, Mr. Cretar, for people to watch on the Cloud. But Corporation Agent Rashiva Panashi enters his life and turns it upside down.
With the Equine Show shut down, Danton goes to work for the Corporation, which is a daily dose of backstabbing, espionage, counter-terrorism, and really small cubicles. But when Mr. Cretar's brother is assassinated, Danton's old boss becomes the new Prince of Keramus. To make things even more complicated, Danton starts dating Rashiva, who, when he is not wearing his intergalactic man of mystery mask, turns out to be a pretty fun guy.
Tensions are high between the Keramus Kingdom and the Corporation, and humanity might get involved in another war with their more powerful neighbors. Rashiva is accused to assassinating Mr. Cretar's brother. Worse yet, one of the men investigating the murder of the monarch happens to be Danton's ex!
With an intergalactic war on the horizon, Danton has to choose between, peace, safety, loyalty, and the person who might just be the love of his life.

Another Believer
by Stephanie Vaughan
81 pages / 23500 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-666-6
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Jonah Simpson might be an athlete, but he's nobody's fool.  It just so happens he appreciates what's between a guy's ears almost as much as what he's packing elsewhere.  So when he spots an open seat next to serious but sexy David, the usually boring train ride up the Pacific coast quickly becomes an exercise in speed-dating.  He's only got a few hours to get the nerd with an attitude to take him seriously.
David Sato has spent a lifetime being ignored by the hot guys at school.  It doesn't take a genius IQ to know that if a jock is being nice to him, there must be a test coming up.  So when the hottest guy David's ever laid eyes on -- let alone sat next to on a train – starts flirting with him, what's a robot-loving, socially awkward science geek to do?
Originally published in Torquere’s Kegs and Dorms anthology

A Strange Place in Time - Book 3
by Alyx J. Shaw
278 pages / 81500 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-664-2
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The battle has begun, and old friends become new enemies, and allies become traitors. The Court of Hercandoloff realises that the only way to avert true disaster is attack the instigators of the rising darkness, and that will take a great deal of secrecy and deception. As Arrowsmith returns to Earth to persuade a friend to come to Dargoth, the Wizard-King Blackbird finds himself facing foes alone in his own palace, as the army rides north to the Kingdom of Kirianna.
With the Master Thief blinded and missing, Blackbird sick and injured, and only a matter of days before one adversary is brought back form the dead, plans have to be made, and quickly. There is no chance of real victory, only of a stalemate, and that is with every member of the Court present.
The search for Infamous leads the Court to the dead remains of the holy city of Palaklais, and the Temple of the Creator, but what they find there does not give them hope. The god of madness, SkullDigger, awaits them, as the most powerful of their adversaries, Rhaklan the Damned. The Court is without one of its most important members, and the strongest of their foes have joined forces. The Court has no choice but to fight, after they make plans for their own imminent demise.

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