Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Releases from Torquere Press & Prizm Books

This week, we have selected titles from Foxglove Lee, Kiernan Kelly, and Sean Michael on sale for 20% off! Check 'em out here:

The Briar Rose: Controlling Parker
by Sean Michael
108 pages / 27200 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-651-2
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Matt and Adam from Sold, a Hammer novel, are back once again at the Briar Rose, their BDSM B&B. This time their guests are lovers and Dom/sub pair Gaston and Parker who need their help reaching a goal.
A committed pair in the BDSM lifestyle, Gaston and Parker have been together for six years. Parker works hard to be the best sub he can be, to be worthy of Gaston, but try as he has, he can’t come on command without a touch to his cock and he knows it’s totally his fault.
Booking a week at the Briar Rose, Gaston is hoping that between a week away from home with no other distractions, and help from Matt and Adam, he and Parker will be able to achieve their goal – together.
Will Gaston be able to overcome Parker’s insecurities or will they have to let this particular aspect of their play go?

The Keeper
by Kiernan Kelly
204 pages / 60100 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-650-5
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Also available in paperback at
After millennia of hiding in the shadows, the creatures of myth known collectively as "The Others," have stepped forward into the light of day and demanded the right to live in peace, sharing the planet humans had long claimed as their own.

When the humans respond to the appearance of the Others with a threat of genocide, the Others convene a Council of War, intent on developing and implementing their attack, but they discover a chilling prophecy.
"Heed me well, all of you. Attack the humans without the Keeper and you will fail. Every one of you will become nothing but a memory, a myth, and the humans will truly inherit the earth."
The choice is clear: The Others must find the Keeper, or die. The Council charges Liam, son of the Fae chieftain, with this critical mission but he quickly finds this mission isn't easy. Not only does no one have any idea where The Keeper might be, but time is running out, and the Keeper is determined not to be found.

Tiffany and Tiger's Eye
by Foxglove Lee
234 pages / 67000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-648-2
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How many secrets can a family keep?
If there's one thing Rebecca knows, it's how to hide her problems. But with a rock-and-roll dad who drinks too much and a mom who works day and night, Rebecca needs a sympathetic ear. That's why she tells her troubles to Yvette, an antique doll that once belonged to her grandmother.
In the summer of 1986, after her father's strange disappearance, Rebecca and her little brother are sent to the cottage with Aunt Libby and Uncle Flip. Rebecca's relieved to get away from the city, and her relief grows to bliss when she meets Tiffany, a water-skiing blonde who dresses like Madonna, makes her own jewelry, and claims to see auras.
But strange things happen when Rebecca spends time with Tiffany. Her aunt and uncle are convinced she's acting out -- and she'd have good reason to, considering they obviously know where her father is and won't say -- but she can't convince them she isn't the one trashing her bedroom and setting fires. As crazy as it seems, Yvette must be the culprit.
There's nothing more dangerous than a jealous doll that knows all your secrets...
Coming Next Week...

by Lynn Townsend
College is all about finding yourself... but nobody told Beau that it was also about losing your heart. Can a farm kid from Tennessee make it work with a flamboyant rich man with a hidden past?
Genre: Contemporary, New Adult

One Warlock's Love Story: One Moore Knight
by Shad O Walker
One Warlock’s Love Story is the supernatural coming of age story of warlock Zander Knight.  This epic tale spans twelve installments with villainous vampires, sexy shape shifters, wild warlocks, fierce fairies, great sex, and the kind of drama only found in the best urban literature.  This is real Black magic! 
Genre: LGBT, contemporary, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Another World
by Vic Winter
Werewolves? Champions? Trolls? Find them all in this compilation of fantasy and paranormal short stories by Vic Winter
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

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