Friday, February 14, 2014

New Releases from Breathless Press-February 14th

Muir Bhretan bby K.E. Shade
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Aedan O' Loinsigh's only love beyond the sea is his Kaitlin. Captured, he uses his knowledge of the seas to get back to his love.
Liberators of gold from the British on the high seas, Aedan O' Loinsigh and his brother have never shied away from a challenge on the open waters. Aedan's only tie to solid ground is the lovely Kaitlin who possesses him like no other. When the brothers are captured and awaiting execution, a mysterious man offers to free them if they pay off their debt aboard his ship. The brothers waste no time in agreeing to the proposal only to find their new lives are not much better than those of slaves. Desperate to reach Kaitlin again, Aedan must figure out a way to save not only the other indentured servants aboard the ship but get back to his true love. Salvation could come at a price. One that Aedan will have to live with for the rest of his life.

My Bloody Valentine Vol. 1 Anthology
Stories by Tysche Dwai, Decadent Kane, Robin S. Crawford, D.F. Krieger, Torie James, H.K. Sterling, Jay Wilburn, Jen Bradlee, Dianne Hartsock, Christine Morgan, Brantwijin Serrah, Shelli Rosewarne, Kera Faire, Lisa A. Adams, Ivana Jenna, Kelly Ryan, Roni Sharpe.
Breathless Press
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Little Red - Tysche Dwai
There's something wicked in the woods tonight, and Red's about to find more than she bargained for in Grandma's bed.
Butterfly - Decadent Kane
The devil's finally caught up with them and Lacey must pay his dues to save the demon she loves.
One Way to Say Goodbye - Robin S. Crawford
There are many ways to say goodbye, but you can only do it once.
Last Kiss - D. F. Krieger
If you had only hours left with your loved one, would you make them count?
No Change in Policy in Room 8 - Torie James
In the dark of night, two strangers discover it's not the beast under the bed that needs to be fed but the one on top.
The Dark Man - H.K. Sterling
What if the world was a simple game of dice or cards? Would you be willing to risk it all for love?
Blindfold - Jay Wilburn
Hiding from each other and the monsters outside in the world, Tracy and Paul will find out new truths from their game through the wall.
Dangerous Desires - Jen Bradlee
Writing about dangerous men is one thing. Finding yourself face to face with one, well, that was another matter entirely.
Three Little Men - Dianne Hartsock
Renting a secluded cabin for Valentine's Day is Billy's idea. One that goes terribly wrong.
Awaiting Our Reunion - Christine Morgan
A haunting story of patience, perseverance, remembrance, and the tragedy of lovers torn apart.
Rhythm and Blues - Brantwijn Serrah
At the music festival Ronnie meets her black-magic boy; between heights of ecstasy and terror, he has a proposition to release her from all her sorrows.
Tempting Sin - Shelli Rosewarne
Sin is designed to be tempting, and sometimes not even an angel can resist.
Rebirth with a Rose - Kera Faire
These Roses are black. What should I do? Rebirth could be mine, At the expense of you.
Invoking Ostara - Lisa A. Adams
Macey has trained extensively to complete the sacred ceremony of invoking Ostara, but when madness ensues and threatens her lover, will Ostara hear her pleas?
Spider Prince - Iyana Jenna After thinking he was abducted by the monster spider, Ghaelt, Aleich Rhaydyn woke up to something entirely different.
Stormy Night in Old Town - Kelly Ryan 
A freak snowstorm brings Amber into the arms of the man who has haunted her dreams, Damian, or is it something else bringing them together?
Aphrodisiac - Roni Sharpe
A supernatural predator is drawn to a human female while on his way to a meeting, creating a unique experience for them both.
Siren's Call - Shelli Rosewarne
When Ciaran meets the mysterious Rae, he is convinced she is his dream woman. But what will he have to do to keep her?
Feral - Decadent Kane
Is it enough to give up one soul in order to save all of the rest?
The Shed - Brantwijn Serrah
Rebekah can't sleep—not with the screams and cries of pain coming from her neighbor's shed at night. What dreadful secret can he be hiding?
Under the Shadow of Wings - H.K. Sterling
Love between Gods and Super-humans can be a dangerous thing.


Tree Change by Tea Cooper
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Forced to choose between the world she wants and the man she loves, Cassia opts for fame and fortune. But it's not enough—one taste and she's hooked again...

Despite her success in the Sydney art world, Cassia yearns for the idyllic life she once lead with Jake in their shack over looking the Pacific Ocean. Seeking closure she falls, like an addict, straight back into his arms, and out again equally quickly. Not only has he taken up with his brother's wife, but it seems they have a child.

Truth is, Jake's living a lie, sworn to secrecy, and hamstrung by the debt he owes his estranged family. But one glimpse of Cassia and he knows he cannot live without her. Her fey, artistic character and magical body possess his imagination and his heart. Can he convince her to trust him long enough to save the crumbling remains of their relationship?

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