Thursday, January 30, 2014

Newest titles from Secret Cravings Publishing

Raining Kisses by Sascha Illyvich
The Opeth Pack Saga Book 2
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After slaughtering Katarina's brother and father, along with a handful of other wolves who tried to abuse them, Nicholaus realizes his true darkness and decides to leave Hungary to keep his lovers safe from him.  Relocating to Albuquerque, New Mexico, Nicholaus made a life for himself where he controlled the shots until the Opeth Pack messenger shows up with one of his lovers, requesting his assistance back in Hungary.

Katarina's other lover Krystyna has done something bad, but what, Katarina doesn't know.  Her heart aches for both her stubborn lovers and forces her to find the courage to venture to America and bring Nicholaus back.  Once the threesome reunites, sparks explode but secrecy threatens to tear the triad apart, as does Prophecy.  Will Nicholaus remain with the two women who hold his heart, or will his lack of control make him return to the States, alone forever? 

 Deceive Me in Ireland by Whitney K-E
Sequel to What Happens in Ireland
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Her cousin had warned her about the Irish charm and Cara had been foolish to ignore her. In Ireland to be Maid of Honour in Kate’s wedding, Cara hasn’t a clue that the handsome Irishman seated next to her on the plane is the infamous brother of her cousin’s fiancĂ©.

And William O’Reilly doesn’t plan on telling her either.
 Silver-tongued and devilishly handsome, William has Cara fighting a fierce attraction that threats to eliminate her prejudice towards him. Should she give him a chance or heed her cousin’s warning?

 The same loveable characters from What Happens in Ireland come together once again in the fresh and humorous sequel, Deceive Me in Ireland. Like Kate Barrow, her cousin Cara discovers that resisting the charms of an Irishman isn’t as easy as it seems. As wicked as his brother, William’s determined to make Cara realize his worth. And her own.

Without a Trace by Laurie White
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Magazine journalist Rachel Bennett has a reputation for getting to the heart of a story. However, when her sister disappears and is suspected of embezzling from her employer, the story has suddenly become personal. The last thing Rachel wants right now is the distraction of Matt Romero, the detective assigned to the case. She wants a “safe” man…and Matt is anything but that.

Matt accepts the risk that goes with his job. Two years ago, his wife was murdered, a tragedy he blames himself for. He's vowed to protect his family and friends because he doesn't want to go through the pain of loss again. However, the lovely journalist soon begins breaking through the icy wall around his heart.

As Rachel and Matt search for answers in order to find her sister, they uncover a corruption that puts them both in danger – and a passion that puts both their hearts at risk.

 Some Minutes Last a Lifetime by Jillian Chantal
Minutes Series Book 3
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Antoinette Blake traveled to London to visit her daughter and met her favorite actor, Adam Knowles. They’ve fallen hard for each other and, several weeks later, are in Rome, Italy on a vacation. They spend a lovely afternoon strolling around the Colosseum and feasting on gelato in a sidewalk cafĂ©. Upon returning to their hotel, they run into Adam’s former lover, Cammy Suarez, a sexy American actress who tries to woo Adam back into her arms. Cammy is a much younger woman than Antoinette which causes Antoinette’s insecurities about her own age to rise to the surface, threatening her relationship with Adam.
Adam’s own frustration over Antoinette’s doubts about his love and what he believes to be her irrational behavior as a result of her jealousy of the younger woman make him doubt that he can continue to try to make Antoinette the center of his life.

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