Friday, January 3, 2014

New Releases from Breathless Press-January 3rd, 2014

Jinn and Toxic by Franny Armstrong
Toxic Tango Troop Series, Book One
Romantic Suspense
Breathless Press
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An elite team of soldiers are trapped in the Mexican rainforest. Jinn's twin sister is dying, while Tab searches for his kidnapped sister. Using their psychic abilities, they must work together or die trying.
A team that doesn't exist... 
Toxic Tango Troop is an elite team of soldiers who are betrayed by one of their own. Their goal is to prevent shipments of illegal drugs to North America. The team struggles to find the teammates, missing after they scatter to evade capture. The government won't acknowledge the team, so they're on their own. 
She is a military secret... 
Jinn Dennison takes the place of her identical twin sister, Julie, a soldier on the team. They think she's dead. Jinn shows up to save her sister Julie, whom she knows is alive. She races against time to find her before it's too late. Using her psychic abilities, she connects with Julie who she hasn't seen since they were ten years old, but someone is blocking their silent communications. 
He believes she's a traitor... 
Tab 'Toxic' McIntosh has a special gift that is top secret. He captures Jinn then uses her as bait to stop the Iceman, a notorious drug runner, and unearth the traitor. Tab's sister, Tara, was kidnapped from a resort, and he wants her back at all costs. Things get complicated when Jinn and Tab fall in love. 
Can Jinn and Toxic battle against all odds to win the day, or will they die trying? Time is of the essence in this fast paced adventure where anything can happen.

Ravaged Anthology Volume Two
Stories by Leona Bushman, Rebekah Lewis, Jo William, Ella Grey, Persephone Jones, Lucien Didier & Brantwijn Serrah
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Available at Publisher

Join seven authors as they reveal that things are not always as they seem. Don't worry, they guarantee the sexy shifters in their stories will bite...And that you'll like it. 
Witchy Wolf by Leona Bushman
Sabrina has two problems. She's a witch bitten by one werewolf and mated to another. Half a millennia of hate from her coven won't change what's already happened. Can she convince her leader of that? 
Mated to a newly made werewolf-witch, Treyan has to find a way to save her from the wrath of her coven. Can they overcome years of prejudice, or will they die by the hands of her coven? 
Midnight at the Satyr Inn by Rebekah Lewis
Cursed into an immortal life as a satyr, Jacen isn't prepared when London checks into The Aegean Inn. For the first time in centuries, Jacen's willing to break the rules for a woman. Can London handle his secret, or is she a threat to the existence of all satyrs? 
Awakening by Lucien Didier
Jesse needed a break from the road, and a run-down bar in the middle of nowhere looked good enough. Sometimes the simplest decision can change a man's life in ways he can't anticipate. 
Pollen by Jo Williams
When alien shape-shifters take over a desert town's local bar, one man's sexual fantasies become an apocalyptic nightmare, and neither he nor the world will ever be the same again. 

A Fine Line Between Love and Hate by Ella Grey
After Jack Deeks made her childhood unbearable and her teenage years complicated, he was the last person Lissa ever wanted to see again. Then he came back home. 
When their eyes meet in a forest, the mating bond begins. Will their past destroy any chance of a future? 
The Wild Life by Persephone Jones
A chance encounter with local wildlife forces online counselor Frances Baker to take a giant leap of faith in love and survival. She risks losing her heart and a chance at happiness if Drake Connors can't do what he claims—shift from human to bear. 

Equinox by Brantwijn Serrah
The dragoness Sarayana is in love with her wizard companion, but she can only become human once a year. The night is finally here... but this year the wizard is changing the game. 
Wages of Sin by Brantwijn Serrah
The young priest Gabriel thinks he is safe from temptation, but the angel Raschael is ready to prove him wrong. It's time to make a...confession. 

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