Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Release~ Valentine Masqurerade by Margaret Sutherland

Valentine Masquerade by Margaret Sutherland
Sweet Romance, Contemporary
Sweet Cravings Publishing
Release date: January 1st, 2014
Available at Publisher

New Year’s Eve is hot and sultry—in more ways than one, when the tall, handsome Prince of Lochac fixes the newest lady in his court with his magnetic gaze, and crosses the hall to bow to her.
Who can say No to a prince? Especially a charmer like Will Bradshaw? Caitlin has to wonder, when people mention his reputation.
Will is wondering too. It’s been seven years since his divorce. Has he found the woman he can place on a pedestal, high above the hurts of the past?
There’s a couple of problems. What if the one ill-judged mistake of Caitlin’s past happens to be the one fault he can’t accept? Can he overcome his emotional conflict, and can Caitlin deal with her lack of trust, surging up as jealousy and fear that she’s about to lose the love of her life?

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