Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Torquere Press & Prizm Books New Release Day

Holiday Hootenanny
By: Ari McKay
80 pages / 24700 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-621-5
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Clint Barker wants to take his relationship with boyfriend Joshua Cash to the next level, and that means meeting Josh’s family at Christmas. Clint is sure he can deal with anything, even though Josh has expressed reservations that his big, loud hillbilly family might be too overwhelming for an introvert like Clint to handle.
Josh loves his family, but the only other time he brought a boyfriend home to meet them, the guy didn’t last through dinner. Clint means everything to him, and though he knows his family means well, Josh is worried their nosiness and sheer overwhelming presence will drive Clint away.
Between having to fix an illegal still, getting treed by a wild hog, and barely avoiding a bar fight between rednecks and bikers, the holiday doesn’t get off to an auspicious start. Then at the traditional Christmas Eve Hootenanny, Josh and Clint argue, and Clint later turns up missing. Will this spell the end of their relationship, or will a newborn in a stable work a little Christmas miracle for them both?

Home for the Hollandaise
By: Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga
49 pages / 13200 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-622-2
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Jack hates going back to the East Texas town where he was raised. Even as a successful chef in Austin, he feels like that awkward gay kid all over again. But his dad is sick, and wants Jack’s famous hollandaise sauce for holiday breakfasts. When Jack finds out his old flame Kent is in town for Christmas, too, he thinks things can’t get much worse. Can Kent convince him Christmas miracles can happen?

Top Bidder, a Hammer story
By: Sean Michael
49 pages / 12800 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-623-9
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Kurt joined the staff as a waiter at the Hammer Club because he wanted a Master of his own. He’s shy, though, and just one boy among the many looking for that special someone to dominate them.  In fact, he’s working the night of the Hammer’s Annual Christmas Auction when Master Marcus asks him to fill in for a sub stuck in traffic.
Master August noticed Kurt when he first started working at the Hammer, but hadn’t approached the boy, wondering if they were compatible. When he sees Kurt on the auction block, he figures it’s the perfect time to test out their chemistry without putting any pressure on either of them.
Will Kurt and August find what they’re looking for in each other? Find out in the Christmas Hammer tale.

Home for Christmas
By: M. Durango
19 pages / 5100 words
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To make up for his aborted Thanksgiving trip, Curt travels to Chicago to spend Christmas with his family, but even the whirlwind of activity can’t keep him from missing Bailey. Once he’s back home, he invites Bailey for a quiet dinner, which leads to a lusty reunion. Is Curt alone in thinking this is the start of something special, or was Bailey missing him, too?

Otter Madness
By: Winnie Jerome
27 pages / 7900 words
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Life has hit a frustrating point for otter shifter Bryon. His Scrooge of a boss wants him to work Christmas, and the shine on his relationship with boyfriend Lucas has dulled a little.
But then a magical accident creates a duplicate of Bryon. Can the apartment survive the onslaught of two mischievous, highly-sexed shifters? And can poor Lucas handle two high-energy subs?

The Christmas Miracles of Barnaby Sloane
By: Jenna Jones
29 pages / 8000 words
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Barnaby Sloan usually spends the holidays with his aunt Violet, but changes in her life and his roommate's cause Barnaby to reconsider his plans. His boyfriend Liam invites Barnaby to join him at his family's home, but Barnaby is too uncertain about his future with Liam to accept. He decides to spend the holidays alone instead, working on his dissertation and volunteering at his favorite museum.
Then a snowstorm hits, knocking out the power throughout the city. Between the snow, the solitude, and nothing going according to plan, Barnaby realizes all he wants for Christmas is Liam -- but it would take a miracle for him to get that wish.

Waaban: Dawn Kitty
By: Carolyn McBride
28 pages / 7700 words
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When April came out to her parents over a decade ago, her news was not met with support and love. She lost her home, family and everything familiar. She’s come a long way. She has a hot new girlfriend, a new career and life is going pretty well.
So why is she hearing voices that speak to her from the past, and in Ojibway? Why has she been chosen to care for an orphaned kitten, and how can it possibly all be related?

The Syrup Incident
By: Ava Kelly
14 pages / 4000 words
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Andy gets dragged by Jerry into spying on their other roommate, who may or may not be hiding a bloody knife in her purse. Taking trips into her closet and following her into alleys on the bad side of town only increase Andy’s internal struggle with his feelings for Jerry. As shenanigans morph into clich├ęs and turn their lives into a rom-com movie set, will the boys find their ways into each other’s arms?
Coming Next Week...

A Family of His Own, Mannies 2
by Sean Michael
by Sean Michael

All I Want for Christmas
by VL Locey
Alex Dawson never intended to spend Christmas snowbound in the log cabin of handsome wildlife artist, Cooper Reynolds. See, it all started when Alexander's cat, Mister Tibbets, did a bit of online holiday shopping...
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Ten Days of Newton
by Serena Yates
Music student Galen loves Christmas, but his hopefully soon-to-be boyfriend Clifford is a die-hard atheist. Galen urgently needs to find an alternate way to make the season special!
Genre: Contemporary, Christmas

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