Monday, December 30, 2013

New Releases from Sweet Cravings Romance

A Writer's Wedding by Robert Wacaster
Writing Love Stories Series, Book 1
Sweet Romance, Contemporary
Release date: December 20th, 2013
Available at Publisher

Robert and Katie are finally engaged and begin to plan their dream wedding.  But things are never simple for them and as a few complications come up, they do their best to get past them and make it to their wedding day.  They begin to learn just how hard it may be to love through sickness and health, richer or poorer, and good times and bad.  Will Katie get her dream wedding?  Will Robert survive it?  Only time will tell!

The Soul Mate Search by Morgan K. Wyatt
Sweet Romance, Paranormal, Contemporary
Release date: December 20th, 2013
Available at Publisher

Nina can’t control love in her ordered universe. It has eluded her until a mysterious fortuneteller, Helena, reveals she’s already met her soul mate. Three times in fact and has only four times remaining before he passes from her life forever. A magic crystal ball allows her to see what he looked like several years ago, but no address. Helena warns her if she forces the meeting it won’t happen.
Tony’s life has hit a major rough spot with Sheila kicking him out of his house when he discovers her in bed with another man. If that wasn’t bad enough, she spreads rumors that she’s afraid of him because he’s abusive. What did he do to deserve this? All he ever wanted was to love one woman until he died. At this rate, he’s destined to die alone. It will take magic to meet his soul mate

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