Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Release~ Red Tears, Blue Blood by MO Kenyon

Red Tears, Blue Blood by MO Kenyon
Sweet Cravings Publishing
Sweet Romance, Contemporary
Release date: December 31st, 2013
Available at Publisher

Alma had said no to love. The pain of a lost love was too much. But when Christoffer walks into her life, Alma decides to give love a second chance, hoping that fate would be kinder to her this time. However, loving Christoffer seems to take everything out of her. They are so different. He’s white, and she black, he’s rich and she’s poor. But Alma is determined to fight for her love.
Christoffer was running away from his past and future and ran into Alma’s arms. Al he wants is to see a smile on her face, but his secret is threatening their happiness. Christoffer is living a double life. He was brought up to honor his duties to his family. But now he has to honor duty to his love, Alma. Christoffer has to hope that Alma will keep standing by his side.

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