Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New from Secret Cravings Publishing

Crossing Boundaries by Rona Valiere
Contemporary Interracial Romance
Release date: December 18th, 2103
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The new radio engineer on Cassie’s talk show is Todd, a blond-haired white guy. Cassie is black. Soon an interracial romance blossoms. Everything is going great till Todd introduces Cassie to his mother—and then all hell breaks loose. She wants to know why Todd can’t “stick to his own kind.” Cassie, terribly upset, decides she needs to break it off with Todd despite how much she loves him. Working together on the radio show is difficult for both of them, but Cassie insists on keeping her distance from Todd. 

One afternoon disaster strikes in the form of a fire in which Cassie is trapped. Suddenly she has a much more urgent problem than a love affair gone wrong. Her very life is in danger. How will it all work out? Now the question is not just whether love can survive prejudice but whether Cassie can survive the inferno.

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