Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Releases from Torquere Press!

A Special Christmas
By: Julie Lynn Hayes
52 pages / 14500 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-619-2
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Florian Donati has an almost childlike innocence in the body of a god. Unaware of his charms, he enjoys his life, working in his family’s drycleaning business in Prohibition-era Chicago. He loves his job, loves singing Italian opera, and loves the people in his life, including his friend Loria and the notorious gangster Alphonse Capone. Still, he dreams of having adventures and finding love.
Nick Giannakopoulos is a young Greek immigrant who’s come to America to live with his uncle’s family, working with his cousin in the family pharmacy. There are many things he’d love to do, including going to a party in a speakeasy that he and his cousin Milo have been invited to. But it’s on Christmas Eve, so family obligations preclude their going -- until Fate intervenes, and Nick and Florian end up at the same speakeasy in Romeoville and find themselves sitting at the same table.
Is instant attraction a basis for a long-term relationship? Or is this just a passing Christmas fancy? Previously published by Silver Publishing.

A Very Demony Christmas
By: Nancy Griffis
29 pages / 7900 words
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Damian and Laurent had danced around their attraction for years while fighting evil and saving the innocent. Stopping a demon from killing a homeless pregnant girl just before Christmas sets them on a path to stopping a hybrid demon from coming to power and maybe, finally, finding a way to be together in their crazy, dangerous lives.

Christmas Wish
By: Shayne Carmichael & Mychael Black
26 pages / 7400 words
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A grigori is a Watcher angel--one who teaches humans important life lessons. Getting directly involved with a human is forbidden. Ten years ago, Elian watched the love of his life slip away, and he was forced to atone for his involvement. Now he's back and determined to rebuild what he and his lover lost.
Ryan Nixon let ambition and greed take over his entire life. He lost everything--including his lover, Elian. Homeless and destitute, Ryan can't believe his eyes when Elian returns and takes him in to heal. Ryan knows what happened was his own damn fault, and if it takes eternity to make it up to Elian, then so be it.

Kissing Santa
By: Sienna Sway
12 pages / 3000 words
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Aaron has always known how he feels about Steve. He’s sweet, sexy, funny, and for some reason, with Aaron. The innocent Christmas surprise that he’s put on for Aaron’s nephew does something for Aaron too. Seeing Steve dressed up as an inappropriately-sexy Santa raises the desire to go one step further with the man that he loves.
When Steve finds out what Aaron is after -- aside from the contents of his pants of course -- will it prove to be something that they both want? Does Aaron need to learn how to keep his mouth shut?

Time for Christmas
By: Liam Grey
18 pages / 4500 words
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When your partner works a late shift for the holiday, and there's nothing waiting at home except the damn Christmas tree, why not stay at the office yourself? Tim doesn’t care much for the holiday anyway, and there’s always more paperwork. A push out the door, a pot of stew, and a little holiday magic lets these two lovers find time for Christmas.

'Tis the Season
By: Rob Rosen
14 pages / 3300 words
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The sweater blinks in red and green, but all is not merry for Jeff when he discovers that the airport is closed and there's no way to get home for the holidays. A Christmas miracle, however, is soon to present itself in, of all things, Jeff’s ex, David, who has a private jet at his disposal. And once a member of the Mile High Club, always a member, making this a Christmas no one will ever forget.

A Christmas Caroler
By: John Amory
42 pages / 12000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-620-8
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Jeremy Walsh is a high school senior who's got big plans for his future -- namely, to perform at Carnegie Hall. But before he can get there, he needs to secure the solo in his renowned high school choir's Christmas concert and get into college. Everything seems to be on track until a cute new student, Zach Brooks, shows up and ruins all of Jeremy's plans by snatching the solo out from under him. With his college auditions looming and the Christmas concert fast approaching, Jeremy has more on his plate than he can handle. Can the magic of the Christmas season bring Jeremy and Zach together?
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Holiday Hootenanny
Ari McKay
Joshua Cash loves his big, boisterous hillbilly family and never misses their traditional Christmas celebration. But when he brings boyfriend Clint Barker home for the holidays, will too much family togetherness send Clint running for the hills?
Genre: Contemporary
Home for the Hollandaise
BA Tortuga and Julia Talbot
Top Bidder, a Hammer holiday story
Sean Michael

Home for Christmas
M. Durango
Curt spends Christmas in a whirlwind of visiting his family in Chicago and wondering if Bailey misses him as much as he does.
Genre: Contemporary

Otter Madness
Winnie Jerome
Otter shifter Bryon is mischievous by nature, but he creates double the trouble for his boyfriend Lucas when he tips over a magic potion.
Genre: BDSM, Paranormal, Menage A Trois

The Christmas Miracle of Barnaby Sloane
Jenna Jones
With everyone away for the holidays, Barnaby Sloan plans to spend Christmas alone. Then a snowstorm changes his plans, miraculously for the better.
Genre: Contemporary

Waaban: Dawn Kitten
Carolyn McBride
Prophetic dreams drive April to understand why she was chosen to care for an orphan kitten, leading to a holiday reunion and a romantic surprise.
Genre: Contemporary, Lesbian

The Syrup Incident
Ava Kelly
What could bloody knives, closets, cheesecake, shovels, and dark alleys have in common? I’ll tell you what: heart attacks!
Genre: Contemporary, LGBT, Mystery/Suspense, Romance

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