Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Prizm Books New Release Day

The Co-Walkers, Awakening
By: Hermine G. Steinberg
233 pages / 67200 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-602-4
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Could life get any worse for Ashley, Brian, and Matthew? Their father abandoned them, they’ve been shipped off to live with a total stranger, and now they've discovered that everything they’ve ever learned about the world is a lie!
But to find the truth, they will have to battle evil faeries, risk their lives to claim magical talismans, and earn the respect of Elves who have vowed to kill them. Will they be able to prove that they are the legendary Co-Walkers who are able to travel between the Earthly and Faery Realms? Or are they merely pawns caught in the midst of a dangerous conspiracy that could lead to the destruction of both their worlds? It's up to Ashley, Brian, and Matthew to discover their unique abilities and restore what magick alone cannot repair.
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Love of the Hunter
by VL Locey
You've read the legend of Orion as it was passed down by scholars and poets. Now read the legend from the sun god Apollo, who loved the famous archer of the stars more than any other.
Genre:Historical, Romance, LGBT, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Moon of the Goddess
Cathy Hird
Thalassai, pampered princess of ancient Tiryns must develop inner strength when she is kidnapped to buy the aide of Poseidon for a valley devastated by earthquakes. With the aid of a mother goddess, Thalassai’s brother Melanion races to rescue her and save the valley.
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical Fantasy

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