Friday, November 8, 2013

Newest Releases from Breathless Press - November 8th, 2013

Snowbound Hearts by Benjamin Kelly
Contemporary Romance
Available at Publisher 

When two strangers find themselves stranded in a mountain cabin, even the blizzard howling outside can't cool their heat.

The unexpected end of a relationship sends Stephen searching for peace of mind in the tranquility of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Just when it looks like he'll be spending his time snowed in with a deck of cards as his only companion, the woman of his dreams shows up on his doorstep. 
Audrey is having the worst time of her life. After a phone call that shatters her world, she finds herself stuck in the snow on an impassible mountain road. With little choice but to abandon her car, she seeks shelter in a nearby hunting cabin and meets a man that she had never expected to exist. 
The romance that ensues gives Stephen and Audrey a taste of what's been missing from life, but Audrey has a prior commitment. As long as the storm rages they can be together, but snow can't fall forever.

The Medusa’s Gargoyle by Sally Max
Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Available at Publisher

Legend has it that anyone that looks upon a medusa will never live to tell the tale. However, fate has different ideas...

Drucilla, a medusa-human shifter, is unable to control her transformations, which puts every living creature near her in danger of becoming stone. Her sisters have given her ten years to teach herself how to control it, but she is down to her last few days, and still cannot do it. 
Az, a gargoyle, is cursed to turn to stone every sun rise and to only be released from his rock tomb every sunset. He is the only living being that Drucilla has seen survive her medusa stare. Can he help her control her shifts or will she be forever alone, too afraid to face anyone ever again?

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