Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Sweet Cravings Publishing Releases

First Chance by Dawne Prochilo
Contemporary Sweet Romance
Release date: November 22nd, 2013
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Brynn Saunders has loved Ethan Miller for as long as she can remember, but fate doesn't seem to be on her side. It doesn't help that she's too shy to tell him how she feels. One night, Brynn and Ethan decide to make a pact. A pact that would later become part of their lives and allow them to finally share the love they have always had for one another.

The Troubles by Tricia Andersen
Black Irish Series, Book Three
Contemporary Sweet Romance
Release date: November 24th, 2013
Available at Publisher 
While Sloan and Abbey are in Las Vegas to celebrate Gordon and Mary’s wedding,  a enemy from Sloan’s past nearly kills her.  Sloan is forced to do the unthinkable – he files for divorce.  He moves Sloan Enterprises to Switzerland far away from the woman he loves to save her.
Three years pass.  When Sloan invites Robert to Switzerland to celebrate his fortieth birthday, he learns shocking news – Robert is living with Abbey.  Refusing to lose Abbey, Sloan relocates the company to Minneapolis, Minnesota where Abbey is living and makes her the Chief Operating Officer.  He fights against his desire for her as he contends with her two new beaus, his own new girlfriend, her hostile family and Amelia, his four-year-old daughter. 
When his enemy makes another attempt on Abbey’s life, will Sloan be able to save her – or is this a war he just can’t win?

Love at Christmas by Lita Harris
Contemporary, Holiday Sweet Romance
Release date: November 25th, 2013
Available at Publisher
Kristen Anderson is resigned to live a child free life in New Jersey that is until she is given custody of her seven year old nephew after the death of his mother. Christmas brings them to their grandmother’s house in Pennsylvania where the family focuses on healing and reopening the family inn in time for the holidays with the help of Luke Baldwin, a man with a past that leaves him uncertain of finding love until he meets Kristen again who is also wary of finding true love.
Kristen and Luke’s desire to be together is complicated by Kristen’s yearning to return to New Jersey, her grandmother’s determination to keep Kristen in Brookside Falls, and a family secret shared by Kristen and Luke’s families that is revealed on Christmas Eve. Will the deceit that threatens to break apart Luke and Kristen change their lives forever? What will Christmas bring them?

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