Friday, November 1, 2013

New Releases from Breathless Press-November 1st, 2013

All for a Blast of Hot Air by R. Ann Sircusa
Tour Director Extraordinare Series, Book Five
Contemporary Romance
Available at Publisher

A secret pre-nuptial honeymoon, a hot air balloon safari, and a plot to kill the US president all come together at a Vatican wedding.

I'm Harriet Ruby, tour director extraordinaire. Finally, I'm tying the knot with Will Talbot, my favorite spy and the love of my life, despite my nagging concerns about his dangerous profession.

He could get killed!

I don't want my children to grow up with an absentee father...or a dead one, but Will's work is his calling. I can't ask him to give it up. When he holds me in his arms, I have no doubt he'll find a way to make everything right.

To avoid the huge Italian wedding my mother is planning in
California, I jump at an offer to get married in the Vatican, only to learn my whole tribe is making the trip to Rome for the ceremony. Darn. Now, I'm stuck planning a big wedding in two months without help. I freak out totally when my boss cancels my vacation time scheduled for the honeymoon.

At Will's suggestion, we get married at city hall, hire a wedding planner, and then take off on our honeymoon before the church ceremony. The first leg of our trip is a hot air balloon safari in
Africa—well, it sounded like fun at the time—but afterward, we'll have two quiet, relaxing weeks totally alone.

When a member of our tour is kidnapped, I learn Will accepted an assignment from the
US government to keep the kidnap victim under surveillance—after he'd promised me his full attention. All my doubts about the marriage raise their ugly heads.

Have I jumped the gun? Sure, we love each other, but is that enough to make this marriage work?

It won't matter if we don't get out alive.

Enemy Mine by Kelleia Ashley
Mending The Veil Series
Paranormal Romance
Available at Breathless Press

Witches and Guardians are mortal enemies, but when Rissalynn finds herself Travis Holt's target, fighting him is the last thing she wants to do.

Rissalynn Jennings is a Witch promised to a Warlock she doesn't want. When she goes to a secluded cabin to hide from her upcoming nuptials, she receives an unexpected visitor. The Guardian is her mortal enemy, blood-bound to kill her kind. She never expected to feel an undeniable attraction for Travis Holt, but one touch on a moonlit night is all she needs to know she belongs in his arms. 
Travis has carried a gut-deep hatred for all Witches since the death of his parents. He joined the Guardians of the Light in order to annihilate their evil and cleanse the earth of their blood. He sought out the Witch with subterfuge and treachery on his mind, but after he's tasted her lips will he be able to take her life when the opportunity presents itself?

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