Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Release from Sweet Cravings Publishing~ Circle of Secrets

Circle of Secrets by Lauren Tisdale
Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Mystery/Thriller
Available at Publisher / B&N / ARe / Amazon
Meet Helen-an older woman, who enjoys her part time work at the local hospital where her husband is a doctor. Her past haunts her and when a secret is revealed, she must push past the pain to forgive her father and piece together a puzzle in order to find what she’s looking for. 
Meet Marissa-a woman in her thirties, single parent to Sophia. She loves to teach but her health has gotten in the way of her passion. When a secret is revealed, she must figure out what it means before her time runs out.  
Helen and Marissa are total strangers but one thing connects them—family secrets. Their mysterious past intertwines and they don’t know it until a family secret reveals that everything they’d once known was all a lie. Now, they must fight their own battles to figure out the truth, before it’s too late for one of them.

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