Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Torquere Press New Releases

Family Spirit
By: Glyn Soitiño
52 pages / 15400 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-590-4
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Though everybody's afraid of something, fear comes in all shapes and sizes. For Daniel, it's the fear of losing his job in the middle of a recession, which is why he doesn't dare stand up to his boss and her unreasonable demands on his personal time, even though he knows she's ruining any chance of him ever finding a steady boyfriend. Until a chance encounter, far from home, makes him rethink his options.
To look at Tom, you wouldn't think that anything could scare him, whether it be bosses, big brothers and their practical jokes, or finding almost naked burglars asleep on his sofa. But Tom does have a fear. Though it's not a physical one, it preys on his mind enough to keep him away from home every Halloween. Until Daniel turns up in his life, and together they realize that fear is a lot easier to face when you're not alone.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a Vampire
By: Julie Hayes
133 pages / 43000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-591-1
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Halloween is the night when the veil between the worlds grows thin... Not that Fisher Roberts believes in Halloween or any other holiday. Unlike his roommate and longtime best friend, Hunter Long. The trouble is that Fisher’s feelings for Hunter are more than that of a friend, and it’s getting harder and harder to hide those feelings from Hunter.
Fisher has promised Hunter to attend a Halloween party with him on All Hallow’s eve, even though he’d really rather not. Things start out badly and then take a decided turn for the strange. Hunter confesses to being a vampire. Not that Fisher believes that, of course—that’s just Hunter’s strange sense of humor. But the kiss in the park... what’s that about? And at the Halloween party from Hell, nothing and no one are what they seem to be... Halloween madness or something more?

Phantom Touch
By: Delilah Storm
25 pages / 7300 words
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Coerced by his friends, Chris enters the old Weyburn mansion on Halloween night.  The most haunted housed in Ashville, Weyburn mansion is supposed to be possessed by the spirits of Mrs. Weyburn and her many lovers. From the moment Chris enters, he’s plagued by touches which quickly turn into caresses and then more. How can Chris possibly escape all the pleasure those touches bringm and does he really want to?

The Haunted Halloween of Barnaby Sloan
By: Jenna Jones
28 pages / 7600 words
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It's Halloween, and Barnaby and his friends plan to do their usual Halloween ghost walk at a local park that is rumored to be haunted. Barnaby worries his new boyfriend Liam will find their plans ridiculous, and he doesn't even believe in ghosts, but he invites Liam to join them on the ghost walk anyway.
While their friends scare each other at the park, Barnaby confides in Liam about why he doesn't believe in an afterlife. Then Barnaby hears a familiar voice whispering his name -- and of course, he must investigate…

Zirkua Fantastic
By: Voss Foster
188 pages / 54900 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-592-8
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Zirkua Fantastic has been running steadily since 1753, amazing its patrons with acts of otherworldly skill and prowess. But that talent comes at a steep price: each artist must give a year of his or her life to the circus. None of them know why, only that the circus' owners will go to whatever lengths are necessary to ensure it. Toby, the hoop dancer at Zirkua Fantastic and son of one of the owners, is content with his life: he enjoys performing and Zirkua's wandering life, and even has a boyfriend among the circus' hawkers. But when a new artist arrives, bringing with him a strange flask and a number of odd occurrences, Toby falls face-first into the truth behind the circus: Its contracts bind King Jester, the immortal embodiment of chaos.
Zirkua's performances and contracts have held King Jester prisoner for centuries, but now something's amiss. King Jester's sister, Dragon, has escaped her own bonds and is working to free her brother, and his power is growing. If he is loosed on the world, it will mean the worst war in human history and the end of civilization... unless Zirkua Fantastic can find a way to stop him.
Coming Next Week...
by Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga

An Erie Halloween
by VL Locey
There is something in the air along the shores of Lake Erie this Halloween. Templeton Reed and Mikel Lupei are two very different breeds of shapeshifter who discover that true love sometimes requires a loving heart, a steadfast sense of right and wrong -- and a forgiving nose.
Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Contemporary

Home Sweet Home
by Missouri Dalton
Breaking up is never easy, especially when trying to break up with a vampire.
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal/Horror

Ties that Bind
by Indra Vaughn
Real monsters aren’t ugly and vile. They’re tall, lean, white-haired and brilliant, and they’ll lure you in with candied promises.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Strange Place in Time
by Alyx J. Shaw

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

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