Friday, October 25, 2013

New Release from Breathless Press~ October 25th

Slow Burn by Leona Bushman
ISBN: 978-1-77101-197-6
Words: 31158

Heat Rating: 3
Available at Publisher

Karla dreamt of camping in the Cascade Mountains with her sexy coworker, Sebastian. Sebastian fantasized about having Karla. Will a virus destroy their future before they even have a chance?

Karla knew she loved Sebastian and his son, Jack. So when he arranges a week-long camping trip, she gathers the courage to invite herself along. What was supposed to be a week of passion quickly turns into a week of hell, and she finds herself fighting for the lives of those she loves.

Sebastian never dared dream any woman would be interested in single father. When Karla asks to come on the camping trip, the attraction between them is almost more than he can handle. The fire of desire inside takes second place, though, as the world around them quickly narrows to one thing—survival.

Will Karla and Sebastian succeed in protecting not only themselves, but his son Jack and Jack's girlfriend Rachael? Or will they end up just another meal for the strange creatures with familiar faces?

Night of the Loving Dead by Persephone Jones
Breathless Press
Available at Publisher 

Zombie apocalypse survivor Melina Benson is just trying to survive the night when she meets hot, take-charge special-ops soldier Brock Sweet in a cemetery. 
Melina Benson is a survivor. She lives in a pawn shop, patrols for zombies at night, and reads romance novels in her downtime. Then she meets Sergeant Brock Sweet. Sweet is bossy, arrogant, and gorgeous. He gets on Melina's nerves and under her skin. But will she let him into her heart? She's already caught the eye of local crime lord Edwin Suzerain, who holds her cousin Mario under a powerful spell of influence and charm. She could ask Sergeant Sweet for help, but will she? 
Sergeant Brock Sweet is just doing his job when he stumbles upon vigilante zombie killer Melina Benson in a cemetery in the middle of the night. It's lust at first sight—at least until one of his men accidentally shoots her. Then all bets are off. She's as stubborn as she is beautiful, and he can tell right away she isn't going to surrender to just any man. Brock wants Melina to trust him, but the secret of what he really is may sabotage any chance of winning her heart.

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