Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Release Day from Torquere Press & Prizm Books

We hope you have a wonderful holiday week! This is the one time of the year you can be whoever you want to be. Put on the costume and go out for some fun!!  Make sure you get some new books to read when you get back in from the fun!

By: Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga
38 pages / 10000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-601-7
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Bartholome would give anything to get his young lover Rene to stop running away from him. Years ago, he made a stupid mistake, letting the rest of their wolf pack come between them, but he knows better now. Rene’s not sure he can believe Barthe will ever want him. Can they come back together before they lose their chance forever?

An Erie Halloween
By: V. L. Locey
79 pages / 24500 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-596-6
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Templeton Reed has been hiding his inner polecat since he was a child. Keeping his animal secreted is hard for a shifter, especially when one is living in a secret community of mystical beings. It`s the wolf shifters that cause Templeton the most trouble with their darned sensitive noses.
Templeton has a run-in with the Lake Erie pack and their alpha, Mikel Lupei, at the Office for Transmogrification Registration (OTTER). Templeton has a desk job checking registration papers and dealing with wolf shifters is not part of his job description. After that upsetting meeting the meek and mild office worker suddenly finds himself in the center of not only civil unrest among the shifter community, but a violent plan for a coup aimed at rousting Mikel.
Templeton and Mikel, a skilled tracker of rogue shifters,  are soon not only fighting for their lives, they`re also fighting the rigidly archaic rules of their kind, as well as the person responsible for trying to take over Mikel`s pack from the inside. Can this magical odd couple turn a passionate attraction into a full-fledged love affair?

Home Sweet Home
By: Missouri Dalton
37 pages / 10300 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-597-3
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Kis returns to Columbus on the heels of a bad break-up. Unfortunately for Kis, Declan isn’t ready to give him up -- vampires don’t take ‘no’ very well. When he runs into an old friend, Julius, Kis is hopeful he can stay out of sight.
His ex isn’t the only one looking for him, though. Kis ran away from home after he came out and his Uncle Tobias is now on his trail along with Tobias’ boyfriend Caspian.  What he doesn’t know is that Tobias and Caspian are vampire hunters and he couldn’t hope for better help in staying broken up. If only they can find him before Declan does!

Ties that Bind
By: Indra Vaughn
29 pages / 8500 words
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Oliver O’Shea is afraid of the unnaturally beautiful Nechtan and his disturbingly bewitching sweet shop. It’s a primal fear, something that thrills deep in his being and that no one else in the small Irish village seems to feel, not even his best friend and lover, Andrew.
On an unseasonably hot Hallow’s Eve Oliver wakes to a world empty of everyone but himself and with Nechtan’s voice in his head. Against his will, Oliver follows Nechtan's voice through the village to the plain where the annual bonfire is held, and then into another world. In that Otherworld, Oliver will have to bleed truth and desire if he wants to save Andrew from a destiny of oblivion.

A Stranger Place in Time - Book 1
By: Alyx J. Shaw
221 pages / 67000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-598-0
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Raised in a motorcycle gang, John Arrowsmith has a bad case of wanderlust. He's not sure what drives him, but he knows he has to go, and he has the perfect machine to ride on; the big custom bike he calls Harley. When he and Harley get run off the road and wake up someplace completely unfamiliar, Arrowsmith knows something has gone pretty darned wrong.
With a cast of characters that include thieves, Moonhounds, and ogres, John has to find his way through this new world, trying to understand why he's been transported there, and why he's falling for a guy named Infamous. What Arrowsmith finds out surprises him, and might just kill him. Can he survive to find his way home?
Coming Next Week...

Cinnamon and Seduction
by Ari McKay
Everyone in the world sees Executive Chef Stephen Pierce as direct, outspoken, even rude – all except for his loyal PA, Robert Logan. Robert has been in love with his boss for years, but Stephen has always seemed unaware of it. Can their friends find a way to get them together, or will Stephen wind up losing his one chance for true happiness?
Genre: Contemporary

by Sean Michael
Cash and Brad have just become guardians of six kids under thirteen. It’s going to be a hard row to hoe, but getting along with each other just might be harder.
Genre: Contemporary

Moonlight Becomes Him
by Alex Younger
Markus is forced to face his fear of losing Nicodemus, the teacher he loves, when a raggedy man stumbles though the clinic door, begging for help but putting them all in danger.
Genre: Paranormal/horror, Fantasy

The Wishbone
by Rob Rosen
A trip home for Thanksgiving goes from dreaded to weird to downright hot when Paul finds that his date for dinner is none other than his cousin (by marriage), Roger.
Genre: Contemporary, Humor

The Co-Walkers
by Hermine Steinberg
Join the Co-Walkers on their quest to the Spirit Realm to discover the truth of their existence and prevent their worlds from destruction.  Follow Ashley, Brian, and Matthew on their journey to uncover whether they are pawns in a dangerous conspiracy or prophets about to trigger the Great Awakening.
Genre:  Fantasy-Adventure

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