Monday, October 28, 2013

New from Secret Cravings Publishing

The Quest of  Love: Three Stories by J.E. Wiseman
Contemporary Romance
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These three captivating stories show how the quest for love can take people to places they never expected. In “Taking Chances,” two nights after celebrating her thirty-fourth wedding anniversary, Catherine Emerson sees Tom Quimby sitting across from her in the park. Though married to Martin, a wonderful man, Tom awakens that part in Catherine that she has been denying. Tom urges Catherine to take a chance and find out what she has been missing. What happens is exciting and heart breaking.
 “Maggie’s Farm” tells about the day that Thom, feeling the need to get away, stops at a farm stand in the middle of nowhere and meets Maggie, who, seduces him to go with her up to the barn. Thom soon realizes that Maggie is a lot more than a sexy farmer and when she invites him to stay with her on the farm, he agrees. You won’t believe what happens.
 “Tollie’s Garden” tells how Sarah gradually gets to know the older man living in their carriage house and to her surprise, finds the love of her life. 

Mississippi Dry Spell by Destiny Blaine
Contemporary Menage Romance
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A professional gambler, Blaire knows all about runs of bad luck. After her bankroll takes a significant hit, the young craps player accepts she’s having a dry spell and decides it’s time to head home.   
Unwilling to let Blaire pack up and return to East Tennessee, Blaire’s VIP host finds a way to keep her playing at his casino—though the games he has in mind for the professional gambler aren’t on the gaming floor. He sends Brad and Kane, two male companions, to entertain the sexy young gambler. 
After Blaire’s luck vastly improves, she decides it’s time to say goodbye to the Mississippi casino. Fortunately for her, what happens in Tunica doesn’t necessarily stay in Mississippi. Blaire’s good fortune and handsome gigolos are following her home!

Devil's Devotion by Nicole Campbell
Contemporary, Paranormal BDSM Erotic Romance
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Dylan Quinn loved the art world. It was a shame the art world didn’t know his name – yet. Meeting raven haired Serena in the restaurant where he worked to pay the bills would change all that before he knew it. She was tempting beyond words, but it was his own words that drew her to him. Dylan admitted he’d sell his soul to the devil to be famous – and the devil was looking for a new playmate. He’d never been a submissive, but for Serena, he’s learn and do anything she asked of him. One look into her eyes, one taste of her lips and his heart was at her feet. The eons she’d wandered the Earth making the same deals felt empty now – she’d never become attached, never allowed a pet into her heart. Since being cast down, she felt unworthy of being loved – until now.

From Friendship to Fire by Indigo Fantasia
Friendly Sex Series, Book Three
Erotic Contemporary Romance
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Darcy Gillespie had never heard of a friends with benefits arrangement when she fell in love with Roy Collins after meeting him on an online dating service. There hadn’t been any such thing when she was dating her late husband years before. She never thought twice about the category in which Roy was seeking a relationship with a woman until it was too late. To Darcy, the word relationship always meant romance and love. After two dates with Roy, both of which included erotic lovemaking such as she had never before experienced, Darcy changed everything about her life ~ her work schedule, her household environment ~ even the food she cooked, all in an effort to make Roy see she was really the only woman he would ever need in his life. In this, the final book of Darcy’s “Friendly Sex” trilogy, readers will see the lengths to which a woman so desperately in love can go.

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