Monday, October 7, 2013

Latest from Sweet Cravings Publishing~ 10/1/2013

The Wrong Woman by Christina Cole
Sweet Cravings Publishing
Release date: Oct. 1st, 2013
Sweet Historical Romance
Available at Publisher

Abigail Rose made a big mistake. She fell in love with a fast-talking scoundrel who stole her money and her virginity before disappearing. Now, she hopes to hide her secret shames and make a new start as a schoolteacher in St. Paul. She boards the train in Kansas City, ready to put the past behind her and move on, but during a stop-over in Des Moines, Iowa, a man with a gun steals her away.
Will Loudon has made his share of mistakes, too. He’s got a bad marriage behind him, foreclosure of his farm is looming on the horizon, and his own brother has cheated him out of his inheritance. Will plans to settle the score and get what’s rightfully his by abducting Honey Branson, his brother's intended bride...but he takes Abigail by mistake.
How could he steal the wrong woman? And what will he do with her now?

Better She Live by Judy Baker
A Silver Sage Creek Novel
Sweet Cravings Publishing
Sweet Historical Romance
Available at Publisher

Ruby Thornton, the proprietor of the Silver Sage Saloon is a business woman, not a prostitute. But, because she runs a saloon, the proper folks of Silver Sage Creek treat her as such, until the wealthy Richard Webster moves into town. His reputation of being a gentleman and a lucrative railroad businessman has the entire town smitten, including Ruby.
When a cowboy named Jesse Stryker comes along working for the wealthy Webster, Ruby is torn by her conflicting emotions. His angry eyes contradict his proposition for a night of pleasure. She’s tempted. Only, she isn’t a prostitute.
 Ruby’s first instincts about a person is usually right, until now. Who’s the shrewd and fiendish man, the wealthy Webster or Stryker? Caught up in a charmed life, Ruby’s backed into a corner of kidnapping and murder, putting her life and others in danger. Who can she trust?

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