Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Movie Star's Son by Cheryl Rhodes

Title: The Movie Star's Son
Author: Cheryl Rhodes
Genre: Sweet romance, contemporary romance
Publisher: Cheryl Rhodes
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Girls dream of growing up and marrying a movie star, but how many have their sights set on his son?

When Chris Stewart rescues actor Ben Jenkins from the ocean, she doesn’t know his son Dave is the nasty lifeguard who busted in her truck window. When they meet up again, Dave knows he’s found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with and convinces Chris to leave Seattle and join him in Los Angeles.
Dave is everything Chris has been looking for in a man, and the Los Angeles life is perfect – beaches, surfing, movie stars, sunshine, palm trees, and falling in love. When their pasts catch up to tear them apart and cut their story tale romance short, Chris decides to start a new life on California’s central coast. She didn’t count on Dave’s determination to keep searching for her and bring her home.  

A lost dog and a surfing accident bring Chris and Dave back together, but can they put the past behind them for a Hollywood happy ending?

Author Bio:
Cheryl Rhodes lives in Cloverdale, British Columbia with her husband Kerry, She has two dogs: a Border Collie cross named Shadow and a black Lab named Chica. She also owns three horses: Lucky, a retired Standardbred racehorse; a gorgeous Appaloosa, Whistler; and a mischievous Quarter Horse, Cajun. Cheryl enjoys traveling, photography, reading, and horseback riding.

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