Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Releases from Torquere Press

Adding it Up -- By the Numbers II
By: Chris Owen and Tory Temple
120 pages / 36000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-530-0
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Trey and Deuce have settled into their lives as a couple. Dogs, Trey's daughter, Lacey, and shift work make for an unpredictable and never boring life together. Trey has managed to keep his ex-wife at arms length, but Deuce is determined to make peace amongst them all for Lacey's sake. When he attempts to establish a friendship with Holly, Trey vehemently protests. Holly is not somebody Trey wants more interaction with. Deuce persists, however, and tensions escalate between them.
Trey doesn't see how the rift can be mended. Can they make it all add up again?

Captive Magic
By: Angela Benedetti
307 pages / 92000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-535-5
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Teleporter Breck Bayes made a deal with a demon to save the life of his little sister Amanda, who was dying of cancer. The demon expects Breck to work off the debt -- as a thief who can get past any walls or locks. If Breck balks, Amanda's cancer will come back, and she'll die. Breck's a good guy, but a few trinkets versus Amanda's life? It's no contest.
Manny hears about Breck's popping around town and uses his own talents to find and confront him. Sentinels are supposed to prevent the magegifted from using their talents to steal, by force if necessary, but then he gets the whole story. Manny understands family, and he decides that his Sentinel persona is going to have to suck it up and deal while he helps Breck get out from under the demon -- even if it means becoming an accomplice to the thieving while they plot Breck's escape. But then the demon notices Manny, whose truesight and seeking would be very useful in its quest to own things that don't properly belong to it, and suddenly it's not only Breck who's in trouble.

Burning Now
By: AR Moler
89 pages / 24800 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-529-4
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Fireman Gideon Sato stumbles over a man—oddly still alive and in remarkable health—in the ashes of a warehouse fire. A strange connection runs between Gideon and the man, Vanya Stravinsky, despite Vanya’s confusion and loss of memory.
Vanya, a chef, gets mugged after work one evening.  He wakes up, nude, in the ashes of a fire. He doesn’t remember much of what happened, but he can guess how he got there. He too feels that connection with his rescuer, but he’s got to decide how much to tell Gideon.  Not to mention, the cops think that Vanya was up to no good in that warehouse fire.
Somehow Vanya and Gideon have figure out what’s really going on and also prove Vanya’s innocence. Life just got complicated!

Nine Weeks With Griff
By: Richard Natale
27 pages / 7200 words
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Marcus moves to New York to party and have sex with every man he’s attracted to.  Then he runs into Griff and his killer smile and is drawn into an all-consuming affair.  He tries to break it off several times, but while his mind says “go”, his feet say “stay.”
Coming Next Week...

The Blight
by Missouri Dalton
Noah's always been an outsider since he saw a troll kill his girlfriend. But becoming an elf, winning wars, saving dragons and other things more exciting than working in a box factory change his life forever.
Genre: Contemporary Paranormal, Gay

Elided Cadence
by TC Blue
Can a relationship that starts out as a means of casual comfort in the face of tragedy become something more? Can a makeup artist and a world famous musician find love in a small town that neither of them calls home? Alan Freemont and Andrew Lyon are about to find out.
Genre: Contemporary

by Sean Michael
Alan and Mark have made a deal with the demon Riskin and tonight they have to hold up their end of the bargain. Payday never felt so good.
Genre: Paranormal
Brownies, a Hammer story
by Sean Michael
Jim and Tanny attempt to make the perfect brownies. And then their masters get home.
Genre: Contemporary, BDSM

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  1. Some great books here, definitely gives me some inspiration. Adding it up by the numbers looks really good. Thanks for the tips.