Friday, September 27, 2013

Latest Releases from Breathless Press~ September 27th

Stolen Time by JP Powers
Magic Stone Series Book three
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77101-180-8
Words: 18382

Heat Rating: 2
Available at Publisher

After her plan to steal the Magic Stone goes awry, Margery accidentally travels to the future and is forced to reassess the true meaning of love.

Margery's had it tough already, but recently her life has progressed from unbearable to Hell's teeth gnawing without mercy, when the only man she's ever loved is stolen away by an unwanted time traveler. After Margery's plan for revenge goes awry, she's thrust into the future and finds herself in a strange place, surrounded by horrid, massive, armored birds. The only bright spot is the strangely dressed, but handsome man offering to shelter her—at least until she can return to her own time and get on with her mission. 
George can't understand his instant attraction to the costumed stranger, much less his overwhelming desire to protect her and fulfill her every need. Despite her crazy talk of time travel and a magic stone, his attraction brews stronger than his morning coffee when they touch. But can George come to believe in magic before his newfound love flees back to her own time?

Down on the Farm Vol. 1 by Dianne Hartsock, SJ Thomas, Leona Bushman and Raven McAllan
Anthology, Historical
ISBN: 978-1-77101-167-9
Words: 50520
Heat Rating: 5
Available at Publisher

Passion ensues at a magical Scottish farm. With magic comes danger; with passion comes love.

Callum's Fate by Dianne Hartsock
Will the help of the faery people be enough to save Callum from his fate or will he succumb to the mystical allure of the moors?

Give a Ghost a Chance by SJ Thomas
Leah has a sexy Scotsman all to herself, the only trouble is, he's a ghost...

The Lion, the Witch, and the Faeries by Leona Bushman
No one can outrun a curse.

Cat's Cradle by Raven McAllan
Being stranded can have it's perks.

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