Friday, September 6, 2013

Latest Releases for Breathless Press

Life on the Edge by Clair De Lune
Historical Romance
Available at Publisher

When Drustan wins Elisedd as payment for a gambling debt, he has no idea how much his world will change. 
Drustan, an auxiliary for the Briton army, is tired of the daily grind at his outpost. When he wins the slave Elisedd during a game of dice, he watches her go from hell cat to accommodating servant and lover under his touch. Is her obedience and attention everything it seems? 
Elisedd, a Celt and daughter of a headman, was tricked into slavery. She hates all Britons, until she meets her new master. Drustan, whose body carries a mark she knows all too well. But does he know what it means? Or the disaster it could spell for them both if the Britons find out who, and what, he truly is?

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