Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Latest Release from Secret Cravings Publishing

Elanesse by Julie A. Darcy
Secret Cravings Publishing
Release date: September 19th, 2013
Time Travel, Fantasy
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A world is ravaged by a war of demons and sorcery that no human can combat. Rastehm is on the verge of destruction.    
Elanessë, daughter of Mikkasah, born to the magic.
Mikkasah, King of Rastehm is forced to send his only living child into the unknown future of the 20th century Australia, where she grows and moves to London with her adopted parents. She has no knowledge of her origins nor that she holds the key to the safety or destruction of both her new world and her old, until one night, she is stalked by a lion and a griffin, and cast into an adventure that will change her life 
A dark knight becomes her savior.
Faren Malaan, Knight of Paladia, is sent forward in time to track and retrieve the Crystal Pyramid. The king’s astronomers have learned that the pyramid, which shifts through the portals of time, is cracked. And, if not restored, the sorcerer, Isanti's demons will escape.
Through sheer luck, Istani was not imprisoned by the Goddess, when she created the Crystal Pyramid to banish him and his demon minions. Istani travels through time, taking over the bodies of innocents and casting them aside when he has done with them. But this time he is trapped in the sickly weak body of Peter Waymer. His only escape from the cancer eating away at him is to find the Pyramid, release his demons and have them in turn heal him. With one thought in mind after his release from the body, to wreak destruction upon mankind.
Romance, lust, and Adventure!
The fate of two worlds rests in the hands of a banished Princess of Rastehm and a Knight of Paladia who combats his own personal demons.  They must join forces with three friends to restore the Crystal Pyramid to Deharna, and battle the tormented mind of Iraj who will stop at nothing to gain his prize. 

New Man by Cherie Denis
A Men in Love Novel
Secret Cravings
Release date: September 23rd, 2013
Available at Publisher
Patricia’s mother was a prostitute who tried to sell Patricia when she was a teen. The experience left her dreading sex and wondering if there is such a thing as love. But now Patricia’s assistant, Derrin, is driving her libido crazy.
Derrin’s never met a woman like her: sexy and demure. He aches for Patricia and works hard to win her love. But will it be enough?

We are Daddy by Evelise Archer
Contemporary M/M
Secret Cravings 
Release ate: September 19th, 2013
Available at Publisher
Cyril Eona always had a hard life; born with a deformity and growing up in the system until he meets Devon Haley; the man of his dreams, who becomes the love of his life. But soon, their wonderful world gets turned upside down by an unexpected arrival; a daughter.
Life changes; a couple becomes three and fatherhood looms. Can Cyril get past all his insecurities and allow Devon to show him that although life as two was wonderful, life as daddy can be ultimately fulfilling?

Heaven on Earth by Gioconda Lyss
Erotic F/F/M Contemporary, Interracial
Secret Cravings
Release date: September 19th, 2013
Available at Publisher
Gwen McAllister and Desmond Blankenship have both had their share of disappointment in love and marriage. Gwen is a divorced woman who swears never to love again. Desmond is a businessman who finds his wife in bed with a friend. The two meet at a party in Phoenix and soon begin a long-distance relationship. While Desmond knows Gwen is the woman he wants to be with, Gwen is reluctant about facing her feelings for Desmond. Just when Desmond is ready to declare his true feelings for Gwen, Gwen’s life take an unexpected turn. Leticia Martinez, Gwen’s long- time friend and occasional lover, makes an unexpected visit. At first, Leticia and Desmond express an instant dislike for one another. Will Gwen have to choose between the two people she loves the most, or will they make the relationship work for all three of them?
Dark Territory by Sarah Cass
The Dominion Falls Series, Book Three
Historical Romance
Secret Cravings
Release Date: September 19th, 2013
Available at Publisher
A dead woman walks the streets of Dominion Falls.
Jane Doe Spencer knows she should be dead. The pain and terror of her hanging haunt her every day. Under the cover of a long, harsh winter she heals and vows to finally solve the puzzle of her past.
One man will do whatever it takes to keep her alive.
Cole Mitchell has his hands full, keeping her hidden from the law and safe from the maniac stalking her. The riddle of her letters is beyond him, but his common sense helps drive them both toward her answers. He almost lost her once, and he refuses to let it happen again, even if it means betraying her trust.
The future is uncertain and her enemy is closing in, intent on ending them once and for all.
In order to stop him and save the lives of those she loves, Jane must confront the past she cannot remember—and the family she left behind.

Tri-Romance by Dana Littlejohn
Erotic Contemporary Romance
Secret Cravings 
Release date: September 17th, 2013
Available at Publisher
Twin sisters, Opal and Pearl Jefferson, and their best friend Debra Flores were living blissfully by their no strings attached rule, enjoying the many comforts of a good life. All was well in their world until Frank, Jake, Doug and Rakim entered into it. When one of the girls abandons their well-practiced rule and falls in love, does her decision throw a monkey wrench into the lives of everyone else around her? Or does it open up the possibility for love to capture them all?

The Scientist by Carolyn Wren
The Protector's Series, Book Two
Contemporary Romance
Secret Cravings
Release date: September 16th, 2013
Available at Publisher
A charismatic covert operative known for his love of danger… 
Simon Winters has a reputation for undertaking adrenalin filled assignments.  But even thrill seekers need some down time. After an arduous desert mission he asks for a more enjoyable assignment.  Preferably involving a beautiful woman in peril and a fast car. 
Dr. Elizabeth Barrett’s life is quiet and orderly until someone tries to burn down her research laboratory with her inside.  Now she has to contend with a handsome flirtatious agent living in her home. With his designer clothing and cheeky attitude, he has an annoying habit of putting her in more perilous situations than he keeps her out of. 
Simon is captivated and intrigued by his beautiful scientist with her red hair and hidden fiery temper. But the danger escalates and what begins as a straightforward mission turns deadly when it seems someone wants Beth and her research dead.

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