Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Torquere Press New Release Day

Box of Nails: This Young Stud
By: Sean Michael
130 pages / 34900 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-517-1
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Jeff has hired on as the manager of the house owners Dev and Barney are trying to create for the servers at the Hammer Club, and dealing with all those twinks is like herding cats. Still, he loves his new job, which is partly due to meeting hot, interesting sub, Paul.
Paul is Devvie's best friend, a bartender at the Hammer Club, and a sweet little bottom. He believes he breaks Doms, though, so when he falls for Jeff, he figures the best thing he can do is stay away. Jeff won't let him hide, and soon they're seeing each other, despite Paul's worries.
Can Jeff and Paul overcome the past and make a life together?

One Warlock's Love Story: All Knight Long
By: Shad O. Walker
158 pages / 42700 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-511-9
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In a world where shape shifters are openly bisexual, vampires have insatiable sex drives, and warlocks emit pheromones, warlock Zander Knight struggles to make sense of his own strict upbringing. Everything in Zander’s world changes the night he decides to break the rules and meet on-line chat buddy Giovanni at supernatural hot spot Club Arcane. Suddenly, he finds himself face to face with a magical conspiracy, a huge family secret, and the most handsome man he’s ever seen.
Zander’s night of drinking and partying comes to a screeching halt when the club is attacked and several magicals are abducted and murdered. Zander is catapulted into the middle of a quest to find who or what is killing supernaturals, while sorting through his feelings for a fearsome shape shifter prince named Tau Long.
Born into a conservative magical family, Zander decides not to tell them he's gay. Unfortunately, Zander isn’t the only one in his family keeping secrets. This is more than just one warlock’s love story -- this is a supernatural adventure. 

Absolutely Magic
By: Julia Talbot
14 pages / 3200 words
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Damon McTavish is a demon hunter. He's pretty damn good at the job, too. There's just one thing his boss wishes he wouldn't do -- sleep with the pretty ones before he sends them back to Hell.
Alisdair is an old demon who wants his humanity back and sleeping with Damon is how he plans to do it. First he has to convince Damon to participate in a little sex magic, though, so it's a good thing just a touch between the two is electrifying.
Can demon and demon hunter make a little magic and come out unsinged?
Originally published in the Demon anthology.

Get Him to the Geek
By: DC Juris
26 pages / 7100 words
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Two years is a long time to swear off love, but John Daily is doing just fine. Sure, he's lonely, but he's not risking his heart again. Not after what he went through, watching the man of his dreams wither away and die. His best friend, Sylvia, has other plans. She's set him up with someone who will be perfect for him. Now, if she can just get him to the geek...
Coming Next Week...

Peridot: War & Peace
by MD Grimm
War. Peace. Both sides demand sacrifice; both demand pain. Which will Lord Morgorth choose?
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy

Tyler Buckspan
by Jere' Fishback
Tyler Buckspan's half-brother, Devin is a smooth-talker, has a way with women and men, and he claims to have psychic powers, too. Tyler's infatuated with Devin's good looks and easy manner, but is Devin all he claims to be or is he playing Tyler and everyone else for fools?
Genre: Historical Fiction, Coming-of-age, Young Adult

Ginny's Lesson
by Anne Bayes
Ginny refuses to be taken for granted any more. She is going to show Melissa who's boss, and make sure she learns her lesson.
Genre: Contemporary, BDSM, Lesbian

Into the Heart of the Abyss
by ID Locke
When your lover is the god of the abyss and can see everything you have been, are, could and will be, asking him to surprise you with something during an intense BDSM session can have unexpected results. When the Abyss looks back at you, you often get far more than you expected.
Genre: BDSM, Sci-fi/Fantasy

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